The Lost Sister: A gripping emotional page turner about dark family secrets by Tracy Buchanan @TracyBuchanan

I’m on a roll of choosing absolutely the worst things to read. This is 4 for the week. First off it is dual timeline/chapters! It’s hard for me to enjoy that. Second it is babble. Third it is written in and about the UK so the wording and slang killed it for me. Usually I don’t complain about names but I read another book that had names like this one that were just no appealing. I feel like I am a nit picker but…..It is a $2.99 book with a lot of 5 star reviews. Leading me to think I am a bit off.

Trying to write a novel was one characters objective. She had writers block I guess. That wasn’t clear either. The title is “A gripping emotional page turner” STOP you don’t get an emotional anything. No page turning action, just frustration.

“The girls watch in rapture, as though they were seeing something for the first time “ gosh!
Not only that but I saw all these reviews that are stellar and contain the book jacket. I personally HATE reviews that are just the synopsis. Tell me why you love it. Tell me what grabbed you. PLEASE anything but the book jacket!


So I say pass on it unless you like dribbling and babbling a lot

Blue highlight | Location: 75
A week later, I got my answer when I met the man who was to become my stepfather. He was the worst of them. The others

Blue highlight | Location: 76
three in total since she told my father to sling his hook when I was eight

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I quickly got my notepad out, writing what I saw. He moved his arm gracefully, slowly, like how he’d appeared to walk on water the night before. The girls watched in rapture, as though they were seeing something for the first time. Beyond them, the sea—

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