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I just have to say the people on here are really getting to be too much. Someone posting “I got food poisoning what can I report & where” People offer suggestions and go as far as to google the terms of food illnesses & post links. Because she is not to be believed ? I dont get it. As a nurse I told her the over the counter things to get and YES food poisoning is in most cases shows up between 1-4 hours of eating bad food. Of course there are levels like any other sickness, mild cases show up later with less symptoms. Give us a heads up last night we ate here and got sick anyone else? That is nice and normal.


I added a survey for owners in Stonegate about lessons at the pools. People are so rude. One even told me that I would rather a kid drown than be bothered. I just think that if you work and want your lesson on the corner then you need to buy a home with a private pool. The public pool situation with dirt, litter, parties and so on is not good. What happened to being kind? What happened to not saying anything if it isnt nice? I dont want to touch the voting because the obnoxious nature is appalling. The same people come across using nasty terms and then say why cant you go to another pool? NO why cant you take your kids to the YMCA ?


So judgmental with driving too. Every single one of us is wrong when it comes to being in a hurry and not fully stopping. I see gross displays on our streets. l someone makes a statement here and immediately everyone jumps on them. They took a picture and they themselves were unsafe. How could you shame them ? Oh my gosh.


Practice with instruments. Dont even go there I have a few neighbors who have kids that will never go to Julliard and they practice at odd times with the same piano notes for at least an hour a day. It is painful. Piano playing is usually nice and peaceful bu not when you are yelling and forcing a kid to practice it. Yes we hear you smacking you kids! My other neighbor says things like yesterday gem “You broke it get out of my face” “Do you want me to yell at you” to her kid. They have crying fits several times a day and I am baffled at the way voices carry. Yeah we are close so you do expect it but there are limits. Like using a leaf blower at 8am or using clippers to shave your husbands back at 730 am. Not a lie Kids bike was stolen. People actually make statements about why they were not locked up. That is just pathetic. Words like that shouldnt be spoken. Why didnt you have a camera, no alarm, stuff left there and neighbors dont have video? Same with a car. You left your door unlocked? So ok kick them when they are down.

What happened to being civil? I am turning off notifications and the app this is just a bunch of nasty opinionated people who seem to have nothing else to do but be a critic to thy neighbors.

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