Roommates (Soulmates, #1) by Hazel Kelly #review



Ethan Fitzell has been avoiding his stepsister Jenny since their parents got married, but when she shows up at his apartment uninvited, he’s forced to face the fact that her absence has only made his heart grow fonder… for Ethan, his Mom has passed, that part of his character’s explanation doesn’t come until about 50% in. Not at all typical. Bravo!

Jenny was so sweet and sort of naive when she got to New York City. She can act, sing and dance. She wants to be on Broadway.

Sounds so simple right? NO There is a story running concurrently with the relationship between Ethan and Jenny, and it is how difficult breaking into theater is.


This part and all that goes with it was what really won me over. Some parts are so socially relevant now. Not too in depth, but you will be getting the message for sure.

Personally, this book had a lot to offer. The family aspect for both Ethan and Jenny was fascinating. I have to say, when some truths came out they were serious, but funny too. For example just blurting out “I read your diary” was hilarious.  Then equally you have something heartbreaking, like Ethan’s teen years.  It’s a series of stand-alone novels, which we all love. I am moving along right now with book 2. There are 4 more in this series and the author has 3 other series too!



**Author’s note: This is a full-length, standalone romance novel with no cliffhanger and no cheating. It is intended for a mature audience and has an ending that will leave you smiling so hard it hurts.


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