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Title: Private Pilot
Author: Karen Deen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 2, 2020


Love is blind …. I only wish it was.
Because then I wouldn’t see what I can never have. 
They say when you know, you know. 
What a load of nonsense. 
Because the only thing I know is …. he’s off limits. 
Workplace relationships are inappropriate and seedy. 
Every morning I step onto his plane. 
Every morning he smiles and says a polite hello. 
I give him a controlled nod, acknowledging him as I pass, pretending not to notice him.
But I can feel his eyes undress me as I walk past.  
And if I’m being honest, they do a lot more. 
If his gaze gives me
tingles, I dread to think what an actual touch could do.
Maybe I’m imagining the entire thing.  
Daydreaming the
ultimate fantasy.
Because he’s my Private Pilot.
And I’m just his smitten boss. 


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“Fuck, Mason.”
“Yeah, Tiger, that’s what I want too.” 
Skimming my thumb across her cheek, I lean down, and taking
it nice and slow, I show her through another kiss how much I mean everything
I’ve just said. 
 “How long since you stepped away from your work and
took five minutes for yourself, Paige?” Whispering, I pull her closer to my
body, my hands on her ass. Making her feel what she’s doing to me. Her body
arches, pressing against my cock, a soft moan slipping from her lips.
“That’s right. Imagine what this will feel like. You will be
more than moaning.” Running my tongue up her neck, I go back to kissing her,
but this time I take it slow. Starting along her jawline until I find her lips
open, taking in the sensations.
“Embrace what you’re feeling. Let me in.” With that, I’m
kissing her relentlessly, deeply and full of everything I want her to
understand, and finally acknowledge. It’s like I’ve got one chance to get her
to listen. She doesn’t seem to listen to my words, but she can’t ignore the
Slowly, I’m pulling away from her lips. Sensing her melting
into my arms, finally. Her head dropping and resting on my shoulder, giving me
her body weight. Such a relief. Maybe I’m getting through to her.
“Mason, we can’t do this. You have my body aching for you,
but my head keeps saying stop.” Her voice is low and not the normal confident
woman I’m used to.
“That’s because your head is a stubborn pain in the ass.
Ignore it, just listen to your body for once. You can’t tell me this doesn’t
feel right.” I slide my hand around her body and up her chest. Slowly, so she
knows what I’m doing and giving her time to say no, I palm her breast. Lightly
wrapping my hand around it, squeezing slight pressure, just enough to have her
breathing racing. 
“This is what your body wants. To feel, to be touched. Tell
me you want this, Paige, and I promise you won’t regret one second of it.” She
doesn’t need to speak, her wandering hand on my body’s the answer.
“I might want it, but it doesn’t mean I can have it.” Her
hand glides over my cock, and I grit my teeth to stop from thrusting my hips
into her hand. 
“You keep touching me like that, baby, and you are going to
have it all. Stop denying yourself what feels so good.”
“There is so much here to feel.” Looking down at her cheeky
smile, I can see the lust is invading the sensible brain. Thank fuck.
“That’s it, baby, stroke my ego.” My hand moves down her
“I’m stroking more than your ego, Mason.” The words on her
lips have me humming while her hand’s squeezing my aching cock just that little
bit tighter.
“Call it what you want as long as you keep stroking.” 
My hand cups between her legs. Her body jumps a little with
the touch, mouth dropping open and her head falling back. Oh yeah, baby, you’re
getting all the feels now. Deliberately starting to rock her body so she’s
grinding on my hand.
“Take what you want. Tell me what you need.” My head’s
spinning with anticipation of where this is heading.


“To forget it all.” Her eyes are now closing as she slips
into that land of just pure sensations.
“Now that I can do. The only thing you won’t forget is that
it’s me making you feel this way.”
She gasps as I quickly move my hands to under her ass and
lift her into my arms. Her legs wrap around my waist perfectly. Backing her up
against the wall, I lean into her and start grinding my cock into her. Hearing
the little moans from each movement is pure bliss. Light as a feather in my
hands, I release one and slide it down the front of her pants, so happy to feel
her softness and the wet pussy waiting for me. I take over the stroking with my
hand rather than my grinding.
“Mhmm, you’re so wet. All for me. Just thinking about it has
you dripping, wanting more. Tell me you want more, Paige.”
“More, don’t you fucking stop now. Finish what you started.”
Desperation from a woman on the edge of orgasming. Music to my ears.
“You really are a Tiger, aren’t you. Just what I like,
feisty and sexy as fuck.” As she tries to open her mouth to argue with me, I
slip my finger deep inside her. Instead of words a low groan comes out her
mouth. My thumb pushes down on her clit and she starts riding my fingers as I’m
slipping the second one in.
“So perfect, ride me, take all the pleasure you need.” Pink
flush creeping up her face, I’m feeling her muscles starting to contract on my
fingers. She’s so close to letting go.
Author Bio

Karen Deen has been a lover of romance novels and happily-ever-after
stories for as long as she can remember. Reaching a point in her life ready to
explore her own dreams, Karen decided now was the time to finally write some of
her own stories. For years, all of her characters have been forming story lines
in her head, just waiting for the right time to bust free.

Sitting up in the early hours of the morning with her cups of tea, chocolate
and music she gets lost in a world of sexy, alpha men who are challenged by
some funny, sassy and strong-willed women. Bringing you unexpected laughs,
suspense and a little bit of naughty.

Karen is married to her loving husband and high school sweetheart. Together,
they live the crazy life of parents to three children. She is balancing her
life between a career as an accountant by day and writer of romance novels by
night. Living in a beautiful coastal town two hours south of Sydney, Australia,
Karen loves to enjoy time with her family and friends in her beautiful
surroundings. Of course, when she is not shut in her writing cave bringing you
more words to devour.

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