Seared (Cooking Up A Celebrity Book 1) by Hadley Harlin @hadleyharlin #review

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Are you all as down as I am? I needed something to make me laugh a little more than 90 day Fiance.  I met the author online, as I do a lot and I gave this series a try.  The begining is set up for the series with a cutesy Clara. She is lacking confidence, naive and talented in the kitchen. Stepping into the unknown she applies for a cooking show. I used to watch a lot of Cooking Channel so picturing that she was competing for her own show by entering was easy to imagine. She tells herself she is good and tries really hard. You all know I am an Italian American born and raised in Brooklyn, that qualifies me to understand her mother. I too am very traditional and would break some legs if any of my kids didnt follow my sort of strict rules. First comes love and then life. We don’t believe in out of wedlock kids, living together and shared bank accounts before marriage. Don’t like it, too bad! I know that women having career paths isnt a favorite either, but off to Paris we go.


This is a sexy, fun and enjoyable read! Parts are a little little cliche, but that’s necessary to get you to love Clara. The rivals did keep me amused. This a great and I will finish the series on the beach as summer in So-Cal heats up and the beaches are finally going to open. Seared is quiete sizzling so grab it and enough. You are welcome!

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Hadley hides out in her vegetable garden, penning steamy romance novels that would make her organic neighbors blush redder than a radish. If they knew. She also dodges frequent requests to join her kids’ PTA board meetings to make room for her other hobbies. In her spare time, Hadley loves skydiving, funky red wines, and Harley-Davidson bikes, hopefully in the same day. Just kidding. Drinking while skydiving would be dangerous.

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