Reverie by Shain Rose @givemebookspr


Title: Reverie
An Enemies-to-Lovers Standalone
Series: Stonewood Brothers #2
Author: Shain Rose
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 25, 2020


Ever austere,
billionaire businessman, Jett Stonewood, refuses to even crack a smile while
vacationing in paradise. I’m determined to break him down by introducing some
fun into his life.
If we have a bit too
much by sleeping together, so be it. 
The rude, overly
practical man soon reveals that he can also be caring—thoughtful, and before
long he’s the one wrecking me. 
He’s drawn me into a
complex dream I’ll have to find a way to forget when we return home. 
The problem: Jett
acquired my company.
He’s everywhere now,
a constant reminder of the unattainable.
Victory Blakely
needs a lesson in safety precautions. Not that she would follow it if our
recent tumble in the sheets is any indication. 
She’s too peppy…
so naive it’s dangerous. Someone should break down her fortress of positivity,
teach her that warnings aren’t meant to be invitations. 
The solution: I’m
the man for the job. I’ll Infiltrate myself into her life and let the
disassembling begin.
The little pixie
flutters around in reverie. Let’s see how well she flies when I reduce her
fairytale bubble to dust.
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“Oh, well, if the concern is about me screwing my boss on his desk, you
can rest assured, I’m fully capable of not doing that again.”
He narrowed his eyes. “You know that’s a lie.”
“I’m not lying. I don’t need you between my legs. Especially if your
handbook frowns upon it.”
He ran his tongue over his teeth and sucked on them as if sharpening the
retort he was about to make. He pressed the privacy button on his desk and
stalked toward me to grab my neck with one large hand. “If my handbook flat out
denied you of it, I’d still be there because it’s where I belong. And you damn
well know it.”
“Then, stop talking about it and prove it.”
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Author Bio
Shain Rose is an
author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She fights for love one
word a time. Those happily ever afters can sometimes be a bitch to get to.
When she isn’t
writing, she’s spending the days with her husband, daughter, son, and terrible cat. She and her husband
drink way too much coffee, eat way too much candy, and laugh way too much. Life
is good when the kids are behaving.
On the off chance she’s
not writing or spending time with family and friends, she’s calling them to
talk. And if no one answers, then she’s reading and watching trashy TV.
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