You DO NOT OWN your #Kindle Contents or #AmazonMusic #AmazonPrimeMovies

Did you know that Amazon can deregister and delete your Kindle books, documents and all #Kindle contents ?  

You do not own the contents or books that you purchased. I am in shock! All of this is in fine print on your agreement. After buying three Kindles you would think I would know. I have more than 3000 books, assorted magazines and newspaper subscriptions.  Some sort of fraud on my account I have no idea but now they closed my #Kindle #Alexa #AmazonMusic and my #Prime 

THIS is so awful 

Check out this from Chicago Tribune

This from Nick Lekuona HERE Pretty interesting question.

99% of the eBooks you purchase are not actually “yours” in the sense we associate with physical goods. What you purchase is a license to keep and access the file containing the book and, through it, gain knowledge of the content, the story so to say, for an undetermined duration, that meaning “while you meet the terms and conditions of the seller AND the owner of the intellectual property”.

Most of the time this means that you’ll be able to read your eBook for years to come, as many times as you wish. Convenient and affordable, yes?

However, things can happen, and have in fact happened in the recent past.

WHY rent a movie when you can “own” right? NO not on Amazon Seeking legal action NOW

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