Her Last Breath by Hilary Davidson @hilarydavidson #review

Buy on AmazonFrom the bestselling author of One Small Sacrifice comes a suspenseful thriller about a dead woman who predicted her own murder—and the sister who won’t let the truth be buried.
This is the kind of book that you tell your friends about, tweet about and write a 5 star review about! Deirdre is the victim Caro’s sister. It is safe to say that she is outspoken, deeply troubled and suffered abuse. Mental abuse is sometimes worse than physical, not that I know, but this is a real aspect of the book. This Osiris Vault is a cool tool. So they can send emails after you are dead. No way! This was chilling. 

This Novel 

Five amazing stars!! 

I wish I could say something else about the plot but it’s so tight, that I would be giving up spoilers left and right. The author, in my opinion, did a fabulous job keeping the intricate plot from being too hard to follow. It was written in a way that made you think “Deirdre is right I can’t believe this” until Theo had his chapter leaving you to think the opposite.
I was tormented with this dysfunctional family. Deidre the main and one part of the POV was the victim’s sister. I liked her and her attitude, vibe, and fierce karate kicking *** The other POV Theo was the victim Caro’s husband. I was curious as to why he left the family business. Why walk away from a six figure income in hotels to find artwork ? Then I found out the story. WOAH I was shocked.

One evil award to Juliet, Theo’s sister for being a sharp tongued woman. She was full of hate throughout the book. Then you find out why.

Last reason to read this is the things I love about Brooklyn! I actually enjoyed every mention of my favorite cemetery. Growing up on Chester Ave I walked to Greenwood all the time. After I was married I lived in Queens so the references there were just an added cherry on the top of my sundae.

Never have I read such lies. Amazing must read

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Hilary Davidson was a journalist before she turned to the dark side and started writing crime fiction. Her novels include the award-winning Lily Moore series—The Damage Done, The Next One to Fall, and Evil in All Its Disguises—the bestselling Shadows of New York series—One Small Sacrifice and Don’t Look Down—and the standalone novels Blood Always Tells and Her Last Breath (coming in July 2021). She is also the author of some fifty short stories. Her fiction has won two Anthony Awards, a Derringer Award, and a host of other accolades. Toronto born and raised, she moved to New York City in October 2001. She is also the author of 18 nonfiction books.



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