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This book had me stunned from the get. It opened with a few main characters but the star is Liv Reese. The book takes you on her journey which tends to be frightening. She forgets, has flashbacks and incessantly writes on her hands and arms. Stay awake Please take a day or two and plan on reading. This book is hard to put down!

She has a condition that it turn out is a real thing. It tends to happen to people with traumatic events. So Liv loses her memory for about two years. The author does a past present with the past chapters moving forward in time from 2 years up to 12 hours before the “event”. The even is spoken of in the text and past sequences but it is not revealed until about 70 % into the novel. When it is exposed 

Other characters are Marco, Liv’s boyfriend, and Amy her Doctor best friend and roomie. Marco is trying to get investors in his business, but not really a story there, or is it ? Then you meet Brett, who is Amy’s boyfriend. Brett, also a doctor at the same hospital as Amy, has kids from first marriage and seems perfect. The dynamic that Amy and Marco hate each other because Marco is a moderate and Amy is very liberal. Liv is upset that her love and friend don’t get along, but deals with it. Amy and Brett’s relationship is sort of odd because both are doctors who don’t spend a lot of time together. 

Liv works at a magazine after being a teacher, she finds her niche and grows with the magazine. Occasions arise where she has to review an artist who honestly scared me to death. Performance art is a thing and this guy was a creep!

 Some people involved in the sub plot are all supportive friends who constantly remind Liv of her condition. I mean these people are golden! She falls asleep on the E train, in the park and when she awakes it brings the tension. When things get super crazy the author introduces a detective that has more interest in scratching his ass than doing work to help Liv who feels like she is being stalked. 

Hold on because at 50-60% in the reveals start to come. It was a complete shock. I was guessing throughout the book but it hit an all time high in the last few chapters. What a wild ride. I can not wait for the reviews to start pouring in. Lucky for me I have The Night Swim up next. 

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Megan Goldin is the bestselling author of “The Escape Room“, praised by Lee Child as “one of my favorite books of the year”, as well as “The Girl In Kellers Way“, a critically-acclaimed domestic noir thriller nominated for Australia’s leading crime fiction awards.
Megan worked as a journalist for Reuters, the Australian ABC and Yahoo! News before writing her debut psychological thriller The Girl In Kellers Way.

“Top-shelf page turning crime”
“Domestic noir at its best. This work of fiction will leave your heart pounding days after the final pages are finished” New Idea Magazine
“A taunt thriller” Courier Mail review
“A cracker of a debut novel that gives Gone Girl and Girl on the Train a run for their money” Herald-Sun review
“A real page turner” Women’s Day Magazine

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