Every Summer After by Carley Fortune @CarleyFortune @penguinrandom #review


Simply remarkable This is her first book ? Wow I can’t wait for more.

For this book the angst is present from the first chapter. I was wondering about the reasons behind not speaking to your best friend for so many years. So Percy and her family buy a lake cabin on the water in Barry’s Bay. The author does well with descriptions and scenery for this area.

Their neighbor happens to own the popular pub and restaurant in town. Sue is the mother next door to 13 year old Sam and 15 year old Charlie. Charlie is having friends over and pawns Sam off next door on Percy. She is sort of shy as is Sam but they evolve into being best friends. Sue lost her husband Chris to a heart attack and she works long hours at the pub. Everyone helps out at the restaurant and she has kids that don’t run amuck.  

The story is told first person both past/present but it works to intensify the angst. As this group grows up together you meet a few sub-characters, not as important as Delilah. She is the popular best friend of Percy who I liked to hate more than I liked her. It details how the home relationship between Delilah and Percy is so different to the lake relationship she has with Sam.

This is not really a YA book, so don’t let the ages fool you. The author attacks a lot of relevant issues in a subtle way. The way that there is a small story of bullying, loss of friendship and teen angst brings the present part of the book into focus. 

The plot is well written, it hides the secret and when it is revealed, you will lose your mind. I did not see it coming. Available May 10th 

Carley Fortune is an award-winning journalist and author. Most recently, she was the Executive Editor of Refinery29 Canada and has worked at some of Canada’s top publications, including The Globe & Mail, Toronto Life and Chatelaine. She lives in Toronto with her husband and two sons. EVERY SUMMER AFTER is her first novel. Follow her on Instagram @carleyfortune

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