The Lawn Boy by Taylor DeLong @EJBookPromos

The first time I speak to the neighbor’s lawn boy he asks me if I need landscaping. By the gleam in his piercing blue eyes, he isn’t talking about my lawn.

In an uncharacteristically bold move, I invite the man I barely know to my place. After his initial “assessment” of my needs, our evening doesn’t stop there.

In Deacon, Texas, go big or go home, right?

The weeks that follow, Nash Denton makes sure he is the only one to handle my daily maintenance. He fills a missing gap in my life—bringing laughter, good times, and genuine care.

When sickness knocks me down, Nash is there. Turns out this illness isn’t the contagious kind. Nope, this lawn boy sure knows how to make things grow.

One question remains—will he stick around and nurture my lawn or will he soon be tending someone else’s landscape?

This was just what I needed! It was sweet, juicy, and left me with a good feeling. Coco and Nash seemed like an easy fling but I was wrong it was so much more!

This is the perfect beach day read. It includes several very humorous scenes. The relationship starts on a chance meeting when Nash meets Coco in front of the house she nannies at. She has a great relationship with the three kids she cares for and also with their parents. She has been with them for like five years and is very content.
Coco seems like a genuine level headed twenty something. This is rare nowadays. Especially that she has a degree and can be a teacher but chooses the nanny position because it fits her personality. I love that! 
What can a happy lawn boy and smart nanny do long term ? Find out

Taylor Delong has been reading and writing for as long as she can remember. It’s always been her dream to be a published author but teaching was her first passion. After a few years of teaching 4th grade, she felt it was time to focus on her dreams. Taylor Delong spends her days chasing after toddlers and her nights scribbling down romance stories. She lives in CT with her two daughters.

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