CURIOUS OBSESSION by Elora Nicole Ramirez @InkslingerPR #review

Title: Curious Obsession

Author: Elora Nicole Ramirez

Genre: Contemporary Romance

One moment Juniper Reese existed, and the next she vanished into thin air. This is how it feels for Lavender, her twin, when she receives the call that Juniper didn’t show up to her job one morning. Still adjusting to Juniper’s cross-country move to run from the ghosts of their mother’s death, Lavender knows something is wrong — but she also knows her sister is still alive. As she follows Juniper’s footsteps in an unfamiliar town, she begins to uncover a plot that seems to suggest her sister was being stalked before her disappearance. Now it’s on her to find Juniper before time runs out and convince those around her that her disappearance wasn’t an attempt to “get away.” What she doesn’t know is that she’s being watched by someone who just realized perfection came twice. He begins to hone in on Lavender, his attention never satisfied until he can have them both for himself. Will Lavender be able to find her sister before time runs out? Or will she be the next target in an obsession gone wrong?

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I flew through this book. The first part explains one twin’s pov and then the other. First up Lavender talking about Juniper, her twin. They are identical but have not been on stable ground with their relationship for a while, missing out on the “twin bond”. So her sister doesn’t show up at her school and she hops a flight to Providence.

The author describes Juniper as a meticulous neat orderly teacher. Is it out of character for her to no show ? Nope so she needs to be found.

The last part begins the cat and mouse. Three different suspects are brought up. It’s now Juniper talking about her ordeal and her pov gives away the bad guy.

Throughout the book they both share very specific quotes from their mother who has died. That was a little weird for me- that the mother had so much wisdom to pass on to the two teenagers and that they remembered so vividly.

A worthy read despite having some flaws with actual police procedures dealing with missing people. I’m a huge mystery and true crime lover so, for me, it was a little bothersome

Elora Ramirez has always been a word girl.   It started when she was four, when she taught herself how to read and write as a way to entertain herself while her grandmother kicked and danced in aerobics class. She cut her teeth on books from Dr. Seuss and writing anywhere she could find the space — including her Fischer Price kitchenette, the pages of picture books, and Highlights Magazines.   She’s matured a bit since then, now choosing to write in the margins of her books and on the mirrors of her bathroom ideas and thoughts surrounding story and what makes us human. By day she leads a team at a tech company, waking up before the sun rises to get in her love for words before stepping into her role of helping others see the plot line of their own story under development.   Intuition and beauty get her through the day, as well as her chef-husband and their little lion son. Curious Obsession is her fourth novel.  

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