GOOD HUSBANDS By Cate Ray @cateraywriter @HarperCollinsUK #Review #DomesticDrama #MustRead


I will be a little hard with the review here, simply because about 3/4 into this novel, it sort of stalled. The premise of three women getting a letter about their husbands was good. The content of the letter was not an affair, a business deal, some political corruption or murder. What was it? I won’t say. 

It was totally different and jaw dropping at the start. The three husbands were Good. Family men who adored their wives and kids, thus creating a fork in the road- do you think they did it? I mean they are good, right?? Read on friends

Three women thrust into a drama that nobody saw coming. I did question a small issue with the plot, being the kids and families of each of the three main characters. It was a little hard to keep them straight. 
Jessica, Stephanie, and Priyanka were all likeable and quite normal.

My initial love waned about 3/4 in. It stalled for a little and then…it concluded. A little shocking too. I did not expect the wrap up to be what it was SO that made the book great. A fast must read drama loaded novel

Cate Ray is an author of four previous novels of suspense published in the UK under

the name Cath Weeks. She was named an Author to Watch by Elle magazine. She lives

in Bath with her family.

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