Podcast Reviews Serial

Just a thought Podcast reviews? 

Si o No ? I say YES, Si, Oui Oui

I searched and there seems to be two websites for them but one is from The New Yorker and I like PodcastReview or you can try Discover Pods but I read things like this “Joe Rogan sucks. It’s profoundly upsetting, but not surprising, how successful this garbage can man is in podcasting” SO that is awful to say and without reading it you can tell the “staff” is biased in some way. So without name calling, their style and their choices do not align with mine, so I say skip it but, check it out if you want.

I was thinking that because I love a good story and a good storyteller, I would do a weekly post on what I was listening to.

Which do I love the most:


When I did the first search this was #1 and who didn’t jump on Adnan Syed’s case? This was my first great listen. I love Sarah Koenig! Her storytelling voice is superior. Her reporting and investigating skills are just amazing. She breaks the entire case down from the young love between Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee. A journey through the trial to the verdict and the aftermath. This is by far the best in depth serialized podcast that paved the road for some others.

Listen on Apple, Stitcher or Wondery or wherever you get your podcasts from They are free, you just have to tolerate the ads

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