#SomethingWasWrong by Tiffany Reese @WonderyMedia #Review

 The last week I have been listening to 

“Something Was Wrong” by Tiffany Reese

The first season was really good so I planned to just move on to listen to season two but the settings on my phone were “Newest First” so I got season 13. The show started on Audio Chuck but I would imagine that like a lot of things Ashley Flowers touched turned to shit. So all of a sudden its on Wondery. I am a subscribers, so I listed commercial free. Lucky me no more Best Fiends or Madison Reed garbage.

Wondery rating 

So now I am on season 13 and I dont know when it started but it is no more serialized. So you get a two parter or a 3 part which I personally like for these stories so there isn’t a lot of fluff to drag things out.   

The first two episodes on Amelia were killer. This girl, like many others doesn’t draw the line until later. Sometimes listening to stories like these I find myself saying “Get out” or “He is evil” and it takes so long to get that point through to the victims. 

The March 31 st episode titled “WitPro” will be the stunner. It was for me. The fact that, for me, some women can be so gullible is amazing. Is it a combination of being gullible and desperate for a man that makes these episodes good. Joe has a line of bull at least 3 miles long.

I like the host on a 1-5 scale a 3.5 She says “I’m so sorry” way too much. She let’s the “victim” speak way too much and that is a reason why overall its a 3.5* The audio on the “victim” part is not as good, they constantly say “like” and “you know” which is my pet peeve. They tend to babble and give events that really have no real  significance to the timelines.  

When I saw the reviews, I was sorta happy that there were a lot of 1 and 2 *s It means that I am not alone. Many complaints about audio and the “gone woke” comments had me laughing! 

In Season 8 I have BIG issues with Crystal’s story that is the next post.  Reviews HERE

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