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For the last week I have been listening to 

“Something Was Wrong” Season 8 by Tiffany Reese

This is for one story on Season 8 Crystal “The Double Life” Listen on  Wondery. I am a subscriber, so I listened commercial free. Lucky me no more Best Fiends or Madison Reed garbage.

So now I am seriously stuck on these few episodes in Season 8 All by Iridian speaking of her boyfriend’s brother and his wife Crystal. So we gather the facts about Crystal. Her story is she leads a double life, has a so-called affair with someone at work. So Iridian and Crystal work at the same place and don’t interact there too much. Enough of the soft talk about Crystal- she is young and has a child with Grant, who is Ben’s brother & Iridian’s boyfriend, and lastly she lies.

Basically, we find out that Crystal is a typical twenty something girl. Rumors fly about cheating and a little lie here and there. But wait! She supposedly has told some pretty nasty ass lies. My issue with the first 2 episodes is WHY is it your business? If you have issues with her speak on it. If you don’t like what she does, then don’t bother with her. Oh, wait you don’t hang around, go to lunch or speak that much. Go on about your life then. NO Iridian loves this crap. She thrives on the gossip and fake comradery she gets with a few people at work and her new gay bff Zachary, who makes a couple of comments so typical like “I don’t play that way” Like he is a gay Lou Ferrigno. Please! I bet he is sipping his soy latte while wearing some hot pink crocs performing fake outrage.

Is it over yet? No Iridian feel like she must right some wrongs from her LEFT leaning self. So, she goes and tells Boyfriend Ben and then begins to try to get the sister and the mother involved. I get the feeling that Crystal has what Iridian wants. She has a kid, is married and this bothers Iridian to the point that she contacts a podcast. 

Hit the lights and microphone because now she gets all emotional saying that her and Ben decided to have an abortion. She sort of fake cries a bit. Trying to gain sympathy for her choice to be a baby killer. Now the dramatic Tiffany “I’m SO sorry” More behind the back talk goes on, it is now bordering on juvenile. I would think telling Grant will be the thing, let me light up her marriage. OK? No, he doesn’t want to hear anything. Good for you Grant. For whatever reason he chooses to cut that off. I respect that. keep your business private and don’t engage with this juvenile behavior. 

Crystal leaves the job and moves to another job at a different building so Iridian feels no more drama at work BUT this can’t be. 

Iridian needs attention to be focused on how awful Crystal is. Now she has for the last episode gone on about politics. Left leaning Tiffany who screams liberal to me, lets her go off on a rant about the Texas border with Mexico. Crystals mother makes a post and then there is the “family group chat text” that is in the “Hostile as Fuck” episode. 


We learn Iridian and her boyfriend Ben say that people in the family post things in the group chat to get a rise out of her. Again, she thinks it is all about her. The family has nothing better to do but say things in the chat to get her annoyed. Grant hates her and I think it is about politics? hhmmm Next, they use 👍and it is “digital blackface”. She finds the group chat text so hostile but stays involved. Why? She likes the drama. “It was so mentally draining and so exhausting to feel like if you turn on your phone you’ll be in a political debate.”

REALLY? She is so full of herself. She really thinks that 7 people do nothing but post brown skin color thumb emojis to hurt her? So, this dim bulb goes on about her being Mexican (go figure) and has issues with anyone who watches Fox News.  She uses Facebook a lot and openly speaks about issues and apparently has to explain things to people and correct them and help them learn more. She goes on to say that someone asked “can you dumb it down for me?”  I guess she thinks she’s a brilliant person. 


This is where I feel like I would lose my shit! She posted “It’s getting really really hard not to pop off on so many of those ignorant posts and comments about the migration detention center. Those ignorant comments are hurtful uneducated and dehumanizing to a community” blah blah WOW now this bitch is on a pedestal looking down. So, Crystal’s mother is her Facebook friend so she comments that she has family members who work for ICE and it is not what it seems. Being that Crystal’s Mother has a family member who works for ICE and dim bulb says “someone who is an ICE agent is an Immigration Police officer who works on the border” Correction idiot- ICE Immigration and Customs Enforcement – their mission is to protect us US citizens from crime at the border. CBP for the US is homeland security for the border. “The way ICE works is not very ethical”. Well, I disagree. This girl has turned this episode on its ears. She infuriates me. “If all the information someone gets is from Fox News” So this girl who know nothing about what the border crisis does. I think the fact that Tiffany Reese left all this garbage in shows that she is very liberal and while I appreciate her and respect her choice, she didn’t have to leave such HATE words in the episode. When Iridian was reading her posts, you could tell that it was not what she wrote the way she stuttered over her words. Very disappointed about this and I do hope it is addressed. 

For Iridian, you my dear, you are ignorant and need to be educated yourself. I take offense to what you said. The people who I am sure you refer to as migrants are in fact #ILLEGAL. To come into the country legally through proper channels is what America needs.

Border W/ Gov of Texas


Illegals drain resources from the US. When you have a family, let’s say 2 kids and parents who jump the wall, they get to their relatives and then what? Get benefits, Medicare and send their kids to school. Right? Their family here is not turning them away and advising them to go back. So when they start collecting benefits, they find a place to live and do not assimilate. 

Kids– overwhelm the schools by requiring ESL, an aide and who pays for this? Taxpayers

Medical– They can see a doctor for free! They need vaccines and well care almost immediately. Who pays for this? We do the taxpayers

Police and Fire a big strain when they need all personnel to be bilingual. Nothing like getting called to an issue and you cant communicate.

Garbage and city services– also a huge strain 

When you have 207,000 illegals coming through in one month what happens? We are in serious trouble that is what happens. We are overwhelmed at the Arizona and Texas borders. The counties closest to the border are the ones that are drained of resources. How can they serve the taxpayers in their communities when all of a sudden they are flooded with 50 new students who don’t even speak English. They can’t because next week there will be 50 more. So the schools need more teachers, aides, ESL teachers, lunch aides, custodians and school nurses. Moving on they need a larger bus route, because these kids have to be brought to school.       

 Check here for the June #Illegal numbers. 

These stats just keep getting worse. 

🚨207,416  encounters in June

🚨63,854 lbs. of drugs seized in June

🚨56 terror watch list members caught in FY2022

🚨220 MS-13 gang members arrested  in FY2022

🚨800,000 got-aways under Biden

It’s past time we secured our southern border. The people who come here and are seeking asylum are another issue. The Migrant Camps are a temporary settlement that is built to receive refugees and people in refugee-like situations. Refugee camps usually accommodate displaced people who have fled their home country, but camps are also made for internally displaced people. So people are taking not days but months to slowly walk through from other countries like Honduras and Guatemala. They come because the border is not secure, and we give free things when they get here like a little welcome party. 

I have no hope that Tiffany will read and respond to this or the ignorant and uneducated Iridian will do the same. My hope is to reach one person that will ask me, like they did her, to dumb it down. 

In the end this girl Iridian had no hurts. 

What did she do to you? nothing 

Were you hurt directly? NO 

Wait I got it I know her issue:

That’s a big YES

All you did was play a little drama game. I don’t know what you need in your “healing” process when Crystal did nothing to you. Seems like you were only effected by her because you wanted to be. You liked the drama.  

The last episode had a link because this dim bulb and two friends wanted to start a podcast. In the interest of fairness I gave a listen. I made an attempt to listen at half speed and count the “like” word and got up to forty three and gave up. At the end I copied the landing page, and it is clear that the one who labels herself a “scholar” wrote it.

Copied from Dirty Words Podcast 

how we choose our words

“most of the words we are starting off with are words and phrases that we personally have seen misconstrued in the wild world of social media (or even news media). they’re the kinds of yours that your racist uncle are sharing because biased news sites find it most effect to fear mongrel with. they’re the things you find people holding your tongue back about at work (thanks HR). They are things that have become difficult tot talk about without someone having some sort of opinion on (whether it be well informed or not).

​although we do have a list of words that we want to personally talk about, we are also completely open to suggestion. please submit your suggestions or email or dm us! we encourage a dialogue and want to give you beautiful people an open safe to talk and learn and teach!”



So in closing, basically, I don’t see any damage, pain or suffering inflicted on Iridian by Crystal. If the entire family has a problem it seems to be with her and that is telling. I say shame on Tiffany for adding all of Iridian’s nasty comments and allowing her hate towards conservatives. It is pretty sad that she was given this platform. 

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