A Stranger on the Beach: A Novel by Michele Campbell @MCampbellBooks #review


Mind BLOWN WOW I needed a night to get over this one. Through the entire book I was page turning fast! So I will say the author has a way of doing different POV well. I usually dont like it when there are alternating chapters but, this wasnt one of those.

She tells you what the characters want you to know….hint..It will keep you guessing through to the end. The family of Caroline is interesting. The set up for the family hate is that the parents die and Caroline and her sister are the only ones who inherit from them. So she has a sister that she is very close with. Her daughter Hannah doesn’t seem to like her very much, seems like she is closer to her dad Jason. Caroline in the beginning seems to be at a point in life where her daughter is in college away from home and she throws herself into this Hamptons dream home. She plans to start designing homes and grabbing some wealthy neighbors to resume her business.


The start of the home descriptions had me thinking that all she cared about was material things, designer clothes and home furnishings.

There is one scene describing the view from her bedroom. Sounds like a dream. There is also talk of the “light show” on the ceiling that goes to music. It was screaming “I am rich” I will say that nothing is as it seems. it is a new must read for the summer. A lot of police procedure that is very accurate too. The stranger, Aiden, was likable throughout the book too. Aiden and his brother had a lot of loyalty. He is “known” for a few things in town, where the locals love locals and hate “weekenders”. I can understand that.


The last 2 chapters you will need peace & quiet along with a soft surface to throw the kindle on.

As a New Yorker I really loved the descriptions of NYC and Long Island. Sort of made me feel at home.


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Michele Campbell is a graduate of Harvard College and Stanford Law School and a former federal prosecutor in New York City who specialized in international narcotics and gang cases.

A while back, she said goodbye to her big-city legal career and moved with her husband and two children to an idyllic New England college town a lot like Belle River in IT’S ALWAYS THE HUSBAND. Since then, she has spent her time teaching criminal and constitutional law and writing novels.

She has had many close female friends, a few frenemies, and only one husband, who – to the best of her knowledge – has never tried to kill her.

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Burg Series: Reed Security Series by Giulia Lagomarsino @crzybookladyluv @ejbookpromos

Title: Burg
Series: Reed Security Series
Author: Giulia Lagomarsino
Genre: Contemporary/Romance Suspense
Release Date: January 18, 2019
Blake “Burg” Reasenburg has it all. A woman he loves, a new baby, and the greatest job he could want. But that all changes in just the blink of an eye. Less than a 10% chance to survive is what the doctors tell them. There’s nothing he can do to save her. There’s nothing he wouldn’t give to trade places with her.
This book was inspired by true events.

“Blake, I want to keep it a secret.”
I was pacing back and forth in the doctor’s office. Emma didn’t want to know, but I needed to know. “You don’t understand. I need to know.”
“Because, everyone so far has had girls. Girls! I need to know if we’re going to have to buy more guns.”
“Really? You don’t think we have enough in the house already?”
I gripped her by the shoulders and shook her slightly. “Do you know what boys are like? Teenage boys are horny and they’ll do or say anything to get in a girl’s pants. I know. I was one of them.”
“So, you’re telling me that you lied to girls in high school so you could have sex?”
“Yes!” It was like she was just coming to the conclusion that all boys were scoundrels. “Do you understand now?”
“Well, if all boys are like that, then I’d rather have a girl.”
“What? What sense does that make?”
“Well, we only have to worry about her getting pregnant once. Imagine all the  girls we would have to worry about if we had a boy. He could be out there sowing his wild oats all over town. We could potentially have hundreds of grandchildren in one year. And then it’s not just the girls you have to worry about, but those dads. Imagine if one of those dads was one of your coworkers. What do you think Mark would say if our son knocked up his little girl?”
“Sinner would probably be giving her notes,” I said in irritation.
“Okay, then imagine it was Knight’s daughter. Kate’s due in just two months and they already know they’re having a girl. Do you really think that Knight wants our future son deflowering his daughter?”

I took a step back and shuddered at the thought of what Knight would do to me if we had a boy and he knocked up his little girl. I imagined car bombs, torture sessions, lengthy interrogations, and deadly scars from the knives he would use on me. “We should definitely have a girl.”

I’m a stay at home mom that loves to read. Some of my favorite titles are Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Horatio Hornblower. I started writing when I was trying to come up with suggestions on ways I could help bring in some extra money. I came up with the idea that I could donate plasma because you could earn an extra $500/month. My husband responded with, “No. Find something else. Write a blog. Write a book.” I didn’t think I had anything to share on blog that a thousand other mothers hadn’t already thought of. I decided to take his challenge seriously and sat down to write my first book, Jack. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed writing. From there, the stories continued to flow and I haven’t been able to stop. I hope my readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. Between reading, writing, and taking care of three small kids, my days are quite full.