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I made the banner and I LOVE IT!! Not as much as the book. So was it THAT good. Better than great! I have so much planned to get Crystal’s book out there. The ONLY way is to give it away. Click the book’s picture in the sidebar. For 1 day I am giving away ….. Im a giver and feeling generous so I will say 5 copies

Evelyn Beaumont can’t remember anything from the time she was 14 until she was 19. She lost five years of her life because of brain cancer. Now she is a 20 years old survivor and enrolled in college, determined to reclaim her life. There she meets Tristan Monroe, but it isn’t the first time they’ve met. In fact, Tristan and Evelyn were once in love. It was a love so strong that it shattered him when, after the three years they had spent together, she never came back to Laguna.

Evelyn wants nothing more than to have her memories back. With the help of Tristan and his brother Drake, they take Evelyn on an emotional journey filled with videos, photos, and memorabilia…a walk down memory lane.

While they stroll down memory lane, Evelyn must learn to deal with Tristan’s rock star fame and the ever-present groupies. She struggles to find herself and to learn to love again.

Is their love strong enough to overcome the memory loss? Is it strong enough to survive whatever comes their way? Will all the proof Tristan shares with her be enough to show her how deeply they loved each other? Will love find Evelyn once again?


This was just a phenomenal book. There is so much to say about the writing, the characters and the scenery. I am fortunate to live in Orange County and if you read it you will want to visit Laguna Beach. The synopsis tells you enough about the journey. This will not be a review that gives you a description or synopsis. I am not a fan of those. What I’d like to say is Tristan and Drake are dreamy guys! The families and friends that have just gravitated towards Evelyn are amazing. When she gets to college and things begin to happen it is not the past but the future that is pulling at your heart. It will make you see what I did, that life is too short and too uncertain. It doesn’t matter how old you are or your history, cancer will touch too many lives. I got through it!

Take my advice and read the book. I would say it is a sentimental journey, a love story and a story about the worst disease I know cancer. I hate to say I know too much about it and that is why the book spoke volumes. Read it and love it like I KNOW many will.


The author:

Crystal D. Spears

Crystal D. Spears

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I wouldn’t say influenced I would say inspired::::My Mother she is the one who hooked me on reading when I was just a baby. My Father for my creative outlet gene. My sisters for encouraging me. And most importantly my daughters because as they say “Mommy don’t give up!”
Crystal currently resides in Indiana with her two children and husband of 12 years.She loves the outdoors, photography, reading and writing.

When she is not spending time with her family you can find her in the cave writing, social networking and beta reading for some top notch authors.





Fire & Ice by Genevieve Jourdin @genjourdin @LiteraryQuill

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Because there are two sides to every story…

Justine’s story is told in Just Add Heat, and the mirror to the story, Baby, It’s Cold Outside, is told from Carter’s point of view.

Just Add Heat–Take one part slightly insecure woman and add one part confidently sexy man. Mix well. Pour out the memories of the past two years and what do you have? A recipe for disaster.

Justine is a boyfriend-less chef; at least, that’s the last thing she remembers. After a fall wiped the memories of the last two years of her life, she is struggling to absorb her new circumstances. Apparently, she’s the racy star of her own web-based cooking show and has become involved with a sexy younger man. Why would amnesia strike when her whole life has had such a major upgrade?

Carter is living the life he’s always dreamed of, a life with Justine, and he refuses to let a bump on the head derail his perfectly laid plans for a Happily Ever After. He’ll do whatever it takes to remind her that they are the perfect couple, but how do you make the woman you love remember that she loves you?

Luckily for the both of them, her recollections are tied up with her hormones, and they have all the ingredients they need for a happy life.

No recipe required: Just Add Heat

Baby, It’s Cold Outside–Carter’s life is chugging right along. Career? Check. Living with the love of his life? Check. Future on track? Not so fast. Suddenly, his perfect life is thrown upside down when Justine’s accident wipes her memories. He’s got to make sure she remembers their past so that they can have a happily-ever-after in their future.

Do you ever want to know what the hero of a romance novel is thinking? Where Just Add Heat tells Justine’s story, Baby It’s Cold Outside gives you Carter’s version of the same events. It’s true what they say; men and women don’t think in the same way. The difference is all in the perspective!


This was perfect chick lit. It was from different POV’s which lately I have really been enjoying. Sometimes thing run a muck when they go from narrator to one or more POV. If you enjoy your chick-lit then this IS for you.  The story is opening with Justine who bumps her head and doesn’t remember a thing. She is confused and startled why this “Carter” is there using endearments and taking care of her. It is sort of humorous to me. Poor Justine lost 2 years of memory. That means nothing about Carter is stored in her brain!

Just as Justine’s memories begin to return it get GOOD! Is Carter who and what she wants? Her forever? Just grab it up and indulge It is a love story with of course the chick lit flair I adore and a few shakes of spice!


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Genevieve Jourdin

I’m Genevieve and I’m a writer of romancy chick lit that leans to the steamy side, mother to a surly teen, and general dogsbody for my husband’s audio company. In my free time you can find me perusing the offerings at thrift stores and estate sales of central Texas in search of vintage cookbooks. Drop me a line at genjourdin@gmail.com


Better Together by Nicola May @nicolamay1 GIVEAWAY

Better Togetherschoolgates 51f-OTILwnL._AA160_  starfish 41tzyFPLsEL._AA160_


ENTER to win a copy of all 3 books!

“Delighted to announce that The School Gates won an award for Best Author Published Read at the Festival of Romance “

Jess is nearly 40 when she meets Dan Harris at a party. She is single, sorted, happy – with a great job and a buzzy social and sex-life. All of this is threatened when she falls deeply in love with Dan, who is only 23. 

Jess, being older, recognises this as the real, precious thing – but in his immaturity, Dan does not. Unable to cope with the stigma of being with an older woman, he eventually leaves her. 

Ten years pass…

Jess, who is still gorgeous at 50, is married now, with a child of her own.They meet again. The years fall away.
This time, Dan understands – but is it too late?

My review: 

Well I really enjoyed this one. There were parts that made me so sad and parts that I yelled at the book. sometimes walking away from someone is the hardest thing to do and Jess killed me when she did that. I think the love of her life was there, and so what he was younger! I was filled with angst!

I was being a little selfish thinking that I wanted more. I think the book could have been longer. One of my favorite quotes was “Being honest with you, Jess, I actually arranged to see Dave later as I knew that we’d be at it like rabbits if not. And as I am officially on the rebound, that wouldn’t be acceptable, now would it?

I think I hit a little jackpot meeting this author. Now I set out to read the rest of the books and plan a bundle giveaway! She needs to get some press from the states ladies read on!!


My Quotes and Notes 

‘Being honest with you, Jess, I actually arranged to see Dave later as I knew that we’d be at it like rabbits if not. And as I am officially on the rebound, that wouldn’t be acceptable, now would it?’

She wanted to taunt this man, who had so readily dismissed her, the minute she had told him she was pregnant with his child. She was so lucky to have met Dan when she did, and was so easily able to pass Evie off as his. ‘Of course I haven’t told him. I’m not that stupid.

‘I don’t care.’ Jess said her voice beginning to crack. ‘I love being with you. It’s the happiest I’ve ever been in my life. You make me…’ She was lost for words. ‘We’re better together that’s all.’ She couldn’t contain her tears any longer.

Sam waved his beautiful wife and daughter off of the drive. Tears stung his eyes at the nature of his betrayal. What on earth was he thinking? How could he possibly even think of leaving this wonderful woman, adorable child and settled life behind for what?

It was incomprehensible; Sam was the father of Dan’s child! How could that be?

At least now, with him gone from their lives, she and Freya could move on, with no deceit hanging over them. Just pure honesty, trust and love.

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Other titles:

Working It Out
Star Fish
The School Gates

Nicola May

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Hello, I’m Nicola May, author of romantic comedy.

STOP PRESS: The School Gates has just WON Best Author Published Read at Festival of Romance!!

My fourth novel The School Gates is out now on both Kindle and in paperback. It follows the lives of 4 very different mums and one gay dad and how their lives intertwine at the school gates. Chick Lit with a kick I call it as deals with some pretty tough issues. It has just been shortlisted for best self published novel. Winners to be announced at Festival of Romance on November 16th.

My other bestselling novels are Working it Out, Star Fish & Better Together. Deatils can be found at www.nicolamay.com

I look forward to sharing my heartfelt and fun books with you.

Sweetest Taboo by Eva Marquez @EvaAuthor




Sweetest Taboo

There was not one thing I didn’t love about the book. The author had a way of writing that will get the reader upset, yelling at the book, and then crying. That is the way that you know how good the author is! Anyone can paint a picture but this was like a 3d landscape.

Isabel Cruz was fifteen years old when she met Tom Stevens. Tom was her swim coach and she had a crush on him. Coming from a very traditional family Isabel was reserved until Tom said “write me a letter”.  She was not sure what to write, but she wrote from her heart. Now at this point I am so deep into the story that I read for an all-night marathon! She was 15 when they started meeting.   Before anyone goes on about the subject matter, let us not get carried away! She is old enough in my opinion to make a choice. She does and so does he. They really do love each other and there was nothing in the past. NO molestation, no psych consult, and no father issues, it was love. This is one of the most taboo kinds of love there was, a relationship between a student and her teacher.


 Read it NOW and go with Isabel as she explores a dark love. She goes on in turmoil, hiding and lying to be with her “one and only”. Another reason I LOVED the author is that she didn’t let people judge Isabel. What I mean is that if everyone found out and told her to stay away from Tom, then she would just go to him even more. Isabel internalized all of her feelings and made her own choices As for Tom, things are not what they seem to be. I think it is refreshing to get worked up about a subject or book when you do, it was told correctly. I was not bothered by the age or the fact that he was older and married with two kids. Men will be men and I do think it was love and not anything more sinister.


I hope that you all love it as I did. Yes I think Tom really is in love with this 15 year old girl, and Isabel is equally as in love.  The sequel is Tainted Love and it was a little bit better!


 About the Author


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, daughter of European immigrants, Eva Márquez has spent most of her life outside of her home country. At the age of five, Eva accompanied her parents to the United States, where the family settled permanently. After graduating from university, she went on to complete graduate studies in International Relations in Spain. Eva received her Master of International Studies degree from the University of Sydney and went on to work in the global health field in Sub Saharan Africa and South East Asia. Eva currently resides in Southern Africa.



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*I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.*