A Fine Line by Tracee Ford @FordTracee

My Review:
Tracee Ford is so hitting a part of paranormal that I LOVE! I am the biggest scaredy cat and would never read a vampire or werewolf book. I loved this book because it was the exact amount of fright for me. It made me think and be filled with angst, all without making me sleep with a night-light! This type of book I could devour everyday. The storyline and characters were excellent! The buildup with Robin Hillard, our main character, and Dr. Matthew Gregory was again perfect. They were very similar in many ways, but Robin believed in spiritual things, her “Creator” and Matthew didn’t.

Robin is a child welfare investigator who is level-headed, smart, educated, loving and also believes in what is “beyond tangible” She has feelings and beliefs. She came through a very frightening ordeal and I won’t give any of it away, but that is why I just adored her. Her faith is tested when her and Matt move into Pikeview Manor, a very old and grand house. The house has major history and aside from knowing it was built in the 1800’s Robin didn’t research it. A few times she was told to research it and when things get really serious for her and Matt, she does. The entire restoration was dragging them down.


NOT going to say anything else except READ it NOW!! I can’t wait to read Undone which will be out soon!



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Sweetest Taboo by Eva Marquez @EvaAuthor



EXCERPT 1 (from the Preface)


Dear Reader,

My story begins in the early 90s, when a young girl started her high school career.  She may have been any girl – young, impressionable, and fresh into the wide world of older boys, harder classes, and more choices. She may have been quite beautiful, well developed for her age, and smarter than most of the other students in her class. She may have been destined for the same high school career as anyone else – honors courses, braces, a few high school crushes, photography classes, a first kiss, and then a straight shot into the college of her choice, and her future as a doctor, or teacher, or architect.

Instead, she fell in love with her swim coach, one of the most popular teachers in the school, and became romantically involved with him.

I don’t believe that I have to tell you how dangerous this would have been. She was a young girl of 15, 16, 17 and he an adult man in his late 30s, old enough to be her father. Although this type of relationship would have passed as acceptable and even normal in Medieval England, the modern world frowns on such dalliances, and prosecutes the men – and women – who take advantage of adolescent students in this way. The two of them, then, would have been facing the threat of discovery, tarnishing of reputation, and even time behind bars; throwing their relationship in the face of society, if you will, but doing so quietly, in order to avoid detection.

Have you guessed, yet, that the story I’m telling you is true? Have you guessed that it’s more than just a rhetorical question, more than an idea that developed in my head one day?

The girl in the story is my mother, Isabel Cruz. She never told her story to the world, though she could have, because she didn’t want her love and relationship to be tainted by society’s judgments. This was a story of an illicit – and illegal – love. It was a story of lying, cheating, and misleading the authorities. My mother’s love for this older man was forbidden, and would have been highly scandalous to the world at large. She might have lost privileges, opportunities, and even her family, had they found out. And for him … his future and very life would have been put in jeopardy if the nature of their relationship were revealed, regardless of whether my mother sought to prosecute him or not. Even when she was older, my mother feared that the truth about their relationship might bring a backlash to the man she had loved so dearly. She fought against that with all her might, with the ongoing wish to keep him from any risk or pain. She never lost her love for him, scandalous as it may have seemed to others.

She is older, now, and the man in the story is long gone. When I happened across her diary from that time and asked her permission to write the story, she acquiesced. It was time that the world knew, she said, so it could see that this type of love – though it may be frowned upon, and even prosecuted – isn’t always what it seems. Sometimes, regardless of the ages of the participants, it is just that. Love. True and pure as it can be between two people, and strong enough to last through the years. It was time, she said, for our family to know its past, and its future.

I have just closed her diary, having squeezed every word from it, and written my own last words, which means that the book is done and her story has been told. I must pass it to you now, Reader, and trust you to hold it dear and keep it safe. I must trust you to see the love that shines through, rather than the social mores of the situation. I must trust you to care for my mother and her past, as I have during the writing of this book.

This, then, is my mother’s story. It starts when she was very young, only 15 …

~ Claire Stevens


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Exit Strategy by Leanna Falconer


Jonas Dumar has a problem. Having little faith that his lawyer can get him acquitted of the murder charge he faces in Massachusetts, Jonas takes to the sea under an assumed identity to seek asylum with a past college chum who now lives in the Shetland Islands. Hoping to ease the loneliness of the voyage, at a quick stop in Newfoundland, he takes on board, Gabe and Izzy, a young couple trying to work their way back to Spain. Only when he’s back out on the open sea does Jonas begin to suspect his passengers are not what they appear to be. But then again, neither is Jonas Dumar. So begins a nightmarish voyage across the North Atlantic. After a failed attempt to abandon Gabe and Izzy in Greenland, Jonas awakes one morning to find himself sailing alone with nothing but a haunting dream and a resurrected childhood friend. Gabe and Izzy have vanished without a trace. But then they come back. Delving into the mind of a man in possession of too many secrets, Exit Strategy is a wild excursion into a realm of the fantastic, as Jonas Dumar comes to realize that some secrets are better left unknown. A man really can learn more about himself than he ever wants to know.

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Raised on a ranch in rural Nevada, L.F. Falconer has lived in various places throughout the West, including Portland OR, Santa Cruz CA, and Reno and South Lake Tahoe NV. Now back in her hometown of Fallon, she enjoys getting off the beaten path and exploring the back roads whenever possible. Her first novel, Hope Flies on Broken Wings, was released in 2012.

Hope for the Wicked by Edward Lorn @edwardlorn

Hope for the Wicked by Edward Lorn

Sometimes, bad people do good deeds.

Larry and Mo Laughlin are retired killers turned private investigators. Sounds strange right? Yes but even though they are bad I loved them! They had money troubles so when they were offered a job and met the Trudeau’s all would be better and the money troubles would go away. They are offered 2 million dollars to find out who kidnapped Amy, the Trudeau’s daughter. The other catch is to kill them when you find them. The search for Amy leads them to Mexico with a cast of characters that will have you talking out loud!

I love the writing and the hilarity of the situations. I was sad it was a little short, but the author was redeemed with the phrase “This is the first book in a new suspense series”. So I get more. Any mystery/thriller lovers out there grab it up! I haven’t read Edward Lorn’s work before, so I was happy to get the ARC from Red Adept for his blog tour. Bravo Ed great work!

How to Get More Reviews for Your Book on Amazon

How to Get More Reviews for Your Book on Amazon 

By  on Jan 14, 2013 http://authoritypublishing.com/book-marketing/how-to-get-more-reviews-for-your-book-on-amazon/

Like it or not, reviews on Amazon help sell books. The vast majority of potential buyers will look at your reviews to assist them in making How to get book reviews on Amazona buying decision (I know that I do). If you don’t have many reviews, it can make your book look less popular than competing books with many reviews. And if you have too many negative reviews, you will undoubtedly lose buyers. If this happens, take a step back and look objectively at the negative feedback. Often you will find a trend that needs to be addressed in a revised edition of your book.

The point is that all authors need to focus on generating reviews on Amazon on an ongoing basis. Legend has it that reviews also help Amazon rank your book. The more reviews your book receives, the more likely Amazon will be to display your book as an option in related search results.

Following are ways to generate more book reviews on Amazon:

Start with friends who have actually READ the book – This one is tricky. You don’t want to ask great aunt Edna or your mom to write a review. It will be too hard for them to be objective, and the results will show up in the reviews. But you do want to reach out to friends and family—those who have actually read the book—and ask them to take a few moments to write one for you.

Reach out to your email subscribers – If you maintain an e-newsletter list, and you should, ask your readers to write a review. It’s amazing what happens when you simply ask.

Ask via social media – There is nothing wrong with reaching out to your social media audience and asking for their help. A post like this should work: “Did you like XYZ book? I’d appreciate it if you’d post a review on Amazon!” Don’t forget to include a link to your book’s page on Amazon. Make it as easy as possible.

Give away review copies – Many authors host campaigns where they give away free books specifically for review. In exchange, if the reader likes the book, he/she should write a nice review on Amazon. You can offer up this option via any means at your disposal (email, social media, to trade associations you belong to, etc.). Dan Poynter also facilitates campaigns like these through his publishing newsletter. Sign up atParaPublishing.com.

Ask buyers – When you sell books through your website or at a live event, consider inserting a note inside the book asking the reader to post a review. You could print this request up on a postcard or even on a business card, or if time allows, hand-write a note to include in each copy.

Offer incentive – Last fall I reached out to my audience and offered up a bonus report to anyone who posted a review within a specified time period (several weeks). This simple campaign inspired several dozen reviews from my readers with very little effort.

Remember, sometimes all you have to do is ask. The key for most of us is to remember to ask!