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Since she was 11 Macie James was iun love with Greyden. I loved the other books in this series! This was a book with the highest level of angst. Macie and Grey should have been together but they had secrets. Secretly they fight the desire to be together and the desire to tell everyone they are together. For Grey it seemed like his character was asking Macie for her innocence and loyalty, while he could sort of run around.

Being next door neighbors with Greydon’s family only makes matters worse. So these two characters make a pact to save Macie and her virtue until she is 18. For spoiler reasons I will say he gives her a reason. I liked the story and the characters but I was not a fan of the alternating chapter timelines. I hate them actually and when you get into the 14 year old Macie and the next chapter is the 23 year old Macy it really retracts from the flow, but it is my opinion.

So the question is why do they keep their love for one another a secret from his parents and her brother, who is Grey’s best friend? It has to be read.

Another like for me was Mitch. He was her boyfriend and on the short term actually, they sort of rushed things and I think in her mind she wanted the fairy tale and would have been willing to sacrifice true, real honest love for that. He was a future politician and I loved the way the author wrote him. He was arrogant, self centered and so driven in his career. I would say he was the one you love to hate. So I loved to hate on Mitch.




Bailey Hayes has a past that is currently affecting her present. Ten years ago she made a decision that suited her at the time. Now because of that decision she finds herself extremely successful in her chosen career but extremely unhappy in a relationship she thought was her forever.

Bailey met, fell in love with and moved in with Hollister Harrison six short months after meeting him. Hollister’s true colors shine through epically when he no longer has his personal space to contain them.

Talon McAllister loves his family, his family’s marketing firm that he runs along side his sister and the game of hockey. He plays hard and works even harder but leaves no room for any one woman exclusively. That is until he meets the lovely and ultimately sexy Bailey.

Can Talon convince Bailey that her twisted sense of loyalty and commitment to her boyfriend is absolutely unnecessary and dangerous?

Will Bailey miss out on the greatest love she will ever know due to fear of repeating her past of quick decision making?Or will Talon show Bailey that she can live and love without boundaries?

https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20427347-without-boundaries http://amzn.to/1uVkvdG  http://bit.ly/1lKtC1l


Ava Sterling is tough and the most straight laced girl you will ever meet. Her family and her past have managed to alter her future permanently and she has no desire to allow anyone else into her life or her heart for fear of rejection or further altering. Ava is alone in the world with the exception of the grandest responsibility she did not create on her own but on her own she will carry for the rest of her life.


Declan James is a MMA fighter, party all night kind of guy. Responsibility is nowhere to be found in his life or so he allows everyone around him to believe. Coming from wealth and a carefree lifestyle, Declan gets what he wants, always. And what he wants is Ava. In his pursuit of getting what he wants, Ava in his bed, his plan changes quickly without his consent. Against his plans of being the next hot bachelor to cross the tabloids as he makes his way to being the Ultimate Light Heavyweight Champion, Declan falls in love. He falls in love without hesitation and without doubt.
https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20431295-without-doubt  http://amzn.to/1lKtlvl http://bit.ly/1inZw3t http://bit.ly/1lii04F



Being a dreamer her whole life, CJ had big plans as a child to move to New York and live the city life. She wanted to escape the small country town she grew up in and be an independent woman. The dreaming never stopped, changed a little but never stopped. Instead she married a boy from that small country town and decided to somewhat travel together. One day, living in Northern California they decided to pack up and move to Texas, just because. That’s where she resides today doing what she loves the most… mothering her children, loving her Husband and living vicariously
through all of the stories she gets to create and write up daily.

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