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March official book trailer

What is in a title? Apple March, hence the title March. I loved the cover. I really enjoy seeing something so professionally done that it looks very visually appealing. Sometimes you can judge the book by the cover. In this case it was true. The book was a great debut. This book is written by an Aussie. So for us American people, the grammar and the punctuation are not the same. I hate when I read a review and people turn into the grammar police without knowing that they don’t “quote” the way we do. So for the narratives, get that rule before you jump in.

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Apple went to the country’s most prestigious fashion school. It is like saying I am working for Anna Wintour, or I am pulling for Harper’s Bazaar. That is the primo kind of school Apple went to. For now she is behind the register at a retail store. At 29 that is nothing to be happy about, but she is content. Why? OMG you know I want to squeal. Now there is a reveal that gets the spark back in Apple. Something happens to make her realize her dream,s. Her best friend Jackson has some of the BEST one liners and I must create another post for her. There is a secret, that has been holding her back and so is the threat of her past.

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Take a journey from Melbourne to New York and Paris with Apple. If you are a fashion lover and have ever read Vogue, this is your cup of tea. When you are at a style house the creative flow is really minimal, it is about the line and the designers view. Apple wants her own vision and of course what else, but the one man to share it with.

anna wintour
A really great example of the fashion world from a design standpoint. I think the author wrote a genre appealing book. It is a pleasure to read such a fine example with such a fine future ahead of her. I can not wait to see what she will write next. A debut like this, you don’t want to miss.

4 stars

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About this author 

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Sunni Overend grew up in Victorian wine country, studied design at RMIT University and opened her own designer clothing store. While running her store, Sunni gave in to her love for stories and her first novel, March, came to life.
She currently lives in Melbourne with her architect husband, where she writes, grows flowers on her balcony and pretends she’s too busy and important to browse recipes, dog breeds, cashmere and country houses online.

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