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OK here it is my next BIG thing. 

 Hope sprouts from the recognition that the person with real flaws and qualities dormant 

inside me is capable of love.



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Book Review 

I KNOW when I read something within a few pages if I like or love. This BLOWS me away. I have almost 30 quotes. What I loved was the deep story and the ultimate foundation for the entire story was FAITH, God, love, family and hope.  

Though we had all the money most people can only think of, we were the rejects of the plastic city of LA, where artificial is the norm and the normal is outdated” 

As very wealthy family begins a life, here is Portia. She is perfect and soon to be a star herself. Her Mom and Dad divorced and she immersed herself with her best friends Tarry and Nillie. All three come from wealthy family backgrounds. Portia McGee and her friends created a list “Things to do before we die” yeah I know I wanted to kick Nillie myself for naming it that. Anyways they make the list and start checking things off. The base of their childhood is friends. They have Estela who is Portia’s nanny. There is a story about how she learns Spanish from going to Guadalajara and saying she is a relative so that the kids will play with her. The only real Motherly love Portia gets is from Estela her Nanny. As the three go on to their lives, they get together and make it fun whenever they can. 

Portia has to get a temporary tattoo for a big role. Enter Will, the artist. He is not a traditional tattoo artist, but a recent grad of the Columbia school. WOW a smart, talented artist who can tattoo.


What I LOVED was the meeting of Will and then his family. His life was so tough and I won’t elaborate and spoil that part, it is to be read and savored. When he introduces Portia to Dan, his Pastor Dad and Maritza, his Mom along with the overly outspoken and protective sister Melody (Mel). I loved Mel for the way she protected Wil. She was one of those I hate her characters, but that is the author’s beauty of storytelling. When you think you can’t stand someone, but you do totally get the dialogue and where they are coming from. Mel is also very forgiving, very pregnant and very loving. The fact that she is on leave from being a police officer is exceptional character placement to me. Her partner Lucas is a sub-plot character, that only adds more depth, showing why she is a fierce protector. Her Husband Tim is in Afghanistan and again the message is family, Dan and Maritza really support her during this trying time. Then there was Rick, the co-owner of the tattoo shop. Now he adds certain messaging to the story, which relates well to Will’s growing up.



 It doesn’t take long for Portia to understand what Dan’s valued have done to Will. He has taken this kid, made him into a better person and shown him the Lord. Will has accepted it and leads a life based on faith and giving back. 


So as you know, when I believe in something I sell it big. THIS is big. I hope and pray that the message is received and just maybe touches a few people. I want everyone to read this and take a new and different meaning from the many lessons that are here. Don’t just know something, but feel it, live it, grow from it, and experience it.  

“The point being, no matter how much we try, sometimes it is impossible to like certain things or people” 

It is both well written and a wealth of story telling genius. I always say if you read something and it leaves an impression, share it, pass it on, shout the title and get others to read it. I will make sure others read this. I am so thankful the author found me and let me experience her writing. Bravo!!

 AUTHOR’S NOTE: Chasing Stars is intended for mature readers, containing sexual content and strong language.



One thought on “Chasing Stars by L. Duarte @LDuarte77 #review #debut #newrelease

  1. Wow, I have never seen this one but the cover looks lovely.

    Glad you enjoyed this and the characters! <33

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