True’s Love by TL Clark #Review @TLClarkAuthor

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Great chick lit with a lot of steamy sexual encounters. I have to label the book as chick lit but with a ton of steam. I was taken right away with Amanda. I read this so fast! Her story is fun, flirty, light,easy to read and somewhat funny. Amanda and Clare are like two little peas in a pod. I can seriously see a fun and flirty series just about these two girls. When Amanda goes to Ibeza with Clare she encounters many sexy men.

Amanda and Clare are very much alike in their free and easy lifestyle. Amanda meets someone very much a challenge. I say that Mike (Mikhail) is a challenge because he is someone that she can’t have fun with and walk away. Mike has staying power. In and out of the bedroom


The book morphs into a trilling little chase for bad guys looking to hurt Hugo, Mike’s friend/boss.

This started as something I liked and ended with me loving it. The steam factor is there for sure. Jump right on it and grab this one. It is a quick read for the great summer beach days.

smiles on beach

TL Clark is a self-published British author. This is the third book in the quest to look at different forms of love. Each book is individual so can be read in any order you choose. But your reviews really do count, so once you’ve read this book please do leave a review. You can also follow the author on Twitter @TLClarkAuthor.

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Jonathan (our gorgeous hero of a Submissive) has his attention diverted by another but it leaves him conflicted and confused. Can he turn away from the only kind of love he has ever known to explore new avenues? Or is it just a passing fancy; a light shone on a new world that ultimately has no longevity? Jonathan’s life is certainly about to get a lot more challenging.

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CAUTION – explicit sex scenes in this book mean that nobody under 18 should read it.


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