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It’s books like this make me wanna scream 5+stars unbeatable nothing better #teamAndre For starters this book shows a lesson in basic respectability. When Marcy sees the $100 bill on the floor of the casino her mind goes into overdrive. Off the bat she says she is a single Mom, has a loser ex husband, is basically living hand to mouth, and has the decency to remember her upbringing and tell the Texan cowboy he dropped it. When he tells her that he wishes it was the only thing he lost at the casino he tells her that this is a reward for being honest. She is floored because that is a lot of money for a casino worker. We learn that author creates Marcy as a good girl who lives by the rules.

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That said she is thankful for the little she has and he daughter Katie. I love the way the author creates Marcy and then goes further to explain things about her and Vegas. So we know in Vegas it is not easy for a divorced Mom to find a cheaper place to live or even a room mate that doesnt have a drug problem, is a stripper, or a prostitute. All of this starts a SLOW moving chain of events in Marcy’s life. Just think to yourself how many times you heard “Your mother raised a great boy, girl, insert name here**” THAT is Marcy and she is seemingly fine with the bad hand she is dealt. She is thankful she had a great Mom and since cancer took her Marcy has tried to rebound. She is grateful for her child even though Trent (insert every bad name for a penis you can =here) is a loser in every way imaginable, he gave her Katie.

  1. (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

There is the next character that I LOVE and now I will explain Andre Chevalier. He is a dream, older, built, sophisticated man speaking with a French accent while inserting moi wherever he can. That alone just makes irresistible in every way. This man can charm your panties right off you before you are aware that they are falling down you leg. For this character I will use the word PERFECTION. Why? well he is a relationship and sexual counselor. Yes he knows a woman’s body and he teaches couples what is wrong with their sex life, love life, and shows them how to fix it. He does have another power aside from melting panties, he has the greatest intuition ever. He meets Marcy and his mind goes to his security expert and friend Mike Thompson. He thinks to himself, Mike and Marcy would be great. Then he thinks their names sound good together. He immediately decides to offer Marcy a job, this is the dream job she has always wanted so she is given a time and told to call by 9am and if not the job isnt hers. He doesnt really need her. He has a job but more one he has created for her. He seems in her a woman who needs a break. Andre wants Mike, his security team leader to interview and approve Marcy. Andre is so confident that Mike will be smitten with Marcy. I was too. That is the best part of this story!

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NOW for Mike. He lost his wife before they were able to have a child to cancer. He is extremely focused on work. He is a great guy, great brother, uncle and most of all son. Another spoiler her- his mother is treated well. So you know if they treat their mother well they will do the same for a wife. hhmmmm Trent never saw his mother, she lived in Florida and he could care less. Tells a lot about his character.

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I loved every single page of this book. I want to scream about the “lessons” that Andre teaches Marcy, but it MUST be read. If ever there was a book that has great lessons for both men and woman this is it. I want to say that one little choice by Marcy starts a slow moving chain of events that creates the BEST book for me this year. I want everyone to read it. It has the relationships, the lessons in sex, the steam, the love and most of all the KARMA.

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