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I was torn and actually left the book overnight to sit while I gathered my thoughts. I say I am torn because I dont want to be over critical but I am on the teeter totter here. I am NOT perfect in my writing, therefore I am not an author. I did find some things that were a little annoying with missing quotation marks and run on sentences, like I said I am not the grammar police. I thought maybe I was in a bad mood or overly critical but here goes: There is behavior that I think is rude and inexcusable. When you meet someone for the second time and he (Owen) calls your outfit “fuckable” IT is not cool. That is not a man but a child. I was turned off by a few things he said because I just thought that there was a difference in Olivia and the trash he usually messed with! I just thought he could see that she has a little class and treat her better. Instead I felt he degraded her a little.

Like I said I was being picky, which normally I am not. There was a good plot in the overall book. There were good core characters who I liked. The leads left me wanting a little more. I liked Olivia and then it was down the drain. Sorry but as a nurse, I respect psychologists a lot and she was a dim bulb to me. She dated someone who did her wrong, by that I mean he was married and had kids, she is a dumb bunny. I just think someone who has a master degree and seems like she has her act together cant possibly go out with a man for three years and not know he is married. OK aside from that when she finds out she does nothing. I would go to his house, tell his wife, go to his job with a sign and picket telling anyone who will listed he is worse that a sewer rat. This educated woman does nothing. Her friends did her wrong because if it was my friend I would cause hell for him.

What I liked was the work that Olivia did as a psychologist. Her thesis was a good subject that should have been spoken of a little more. As for Owen, he was hot and somewhat likable. I think as a firefighter he needs a dose of critical thinking.

So I say whatever. There was a lot of sexy scenes which was good but bordering on overload to be honest. Now I cant say anything else, Im going to crawl into my hole somewhere.

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Zoe Norman

Zoe Norman is the brainchild of Stephanie K. and Heidi H., two women with one very important thing in common—their love of good erotic romance novels. After a year of writing fanfiction and developing a swoon-worthy friendship from across the country, the decision was made to write their own novel.

You can find them on: Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Email


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