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I have to revise my review for the new format. Overall a decent story. I am not going to go one and on but I will say the few things I had issue with. First Katherine aka Katya, Yekaterina, and Katusha. Her name is Slavsky but she uses Slav. I really dont know any neurosurgeons that are so world renown that she needs to change her name. OK just a pet peeve I guess. I understand the character wants to get away from her controlling parents who insist she become a neurosurgeon. That is something that cant be forced. I wouldnt be forced by my father to become a librarian if I hated to read now would I?

Seems like the last thing on my list was the co-star Eric Miller. This man looks like he jumped out of GQ, is the CEO of a thriving business, and graduated from Columbia. I would think they would teach business ethics, sexual harassment and business practices but I may be wrong. It seems odd he would immediately start asking her “boyfriend?” “brothers and sisters?” Very unprofessional. I would think he would at least, if interested, stay clear of employees and maybe secretly long for his assistant before asking bold things. I would have probably liked him a little more had he secretly wanted her. Maybe some internal dialogue with remarks about he could concentrate and work was hell knowing he couldnt have her.

As for Katya she goes in for this kill immediately asking “How is it you are single?” seriously. At location 841 he tells he he doesnt mix business with pleasure. Baffled I gotta ask why would you question if she is single or not using the excuse that travel is necessary for the job so if she has a guy it may interfere. So for her she was full of herself and her character was not firm on any issues, in my opinion. I think if she wanted to venture out on her own, she would desperately want to prove she made it and stick that to her dad. I would have liked her better had she been torn about seducing the boss, but she seemed to have no morals.

Lastly she asked for a background check from her Uncle Boris. Boris is ex-military, her father’s brother and she asked for his help saying= “Eric Miller” and then the uncle says he will get back to her in 48 hours. Now can you research Eric Miller without a company name, date of birth, approximate age?

I think Im being overly critical. but I was asked for a review and I did buy the book. When I was not thrilled and it was updated I was asked to give it another shot. I really was hoping that there would have been a difference, but the whistles were going off right away. I see some phenomenal reviews here and I am SAD I am in the minority, when there are some great bloggers with reviews on Goodreads and Amazon.

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N. Michaels is a twenty-six year old wife and mother of two toddlers. She resides in north NJ in a quiet suburb. She began telling stories at the tender age of six, and later on as a teen, she began penning her ideas and sharing her stories with her family and friends.

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