WALK WITH ME (The Thin Blue Thread Series) by Kaitlyn Stone #Review



This book had a lot of potential. I liked the plot and the characters that began on the road to discovering love and uncovering some truths. The main character Kenna ran away at the age of eighteen because her Step-dad and Mom abused her. Apparently this went on for some time and she never told anyone. I wanted more of this story in the beginning so I could relate more to her. So she is moving on not too far from where she grew up is a little odd. Had her Mother wanted to find her she could have, but it seemed they are not concerned about charges of abuse being filed. Living with her best friends parents, renting a room is cool. It gives her stability. 

The problem is Kenna is very closed off. Through her best friend she meets Donovan who is a cop. This is the one person, I would have thought she would run fro,m. Being a cop and having a commanding presence is the opposite from what Kenna needs. I think the part that got me a little confused was how Donavan tells her he wont be able to share her. It seems like she tells him about her past and he should proceed cautiously. I felt even if he lets himself get caught up in emotions, trained as a police office her should know how to keep things like that in check. 

Kenna distracting herself with Cruz was odd too. He didnt really serve a purpose. It was like he was so rarely around that having him pop up was odd. What I would have liked was for her to be a little reckless with him. She wasnt they never did anything sexual, so I didnt see the reason he would come back. 

I also liked her Uncle. That is a bonding relationship that gave you a little glimpse of Kenna. She cared for him because he wasnt managing his diabetes and visited him weekly.

The secrets that Kenna has are probably equally in scale to those Donovan has. His secrets revealed were pretty good too. I wanted both of them to have an attraction that they fought because they were broken. 


They say for authors to write what they know. My novels are inspired by events in my own life. I truly relive my experiences twice through the lives of the characters I create. Not only do I relate to their thoughts and feelings, I have lived many of them.
When I sat down to write a love story inspired by my real-life first love as a tribute to our very own fairytale romance, I never thought a book would be the end result, but 80,000 words later that’s exactly what I had. I wanted to express in words what his love means to me and how it changed me as a person, never to see or experience life the same.
My goal was to capture the essence of true love through an intriguing story and create rich, life-like characters to speak of the emotions I felt when falling in love for the first time. One chapter turned into two, and those, plus twenty-two more became a book. Once I realized my goal of writing a book was going to come to fruition, I wished to share my story with the world, to inspire others to believe in true love and happily-ever-after’s. Choosing our milestone anniversary as its publication date, I planned to self-publish my completed novel for my husband’s gift. What better way to tell the man of your dreams how much you truly love him, then sharing it with the world.
I admit I have always gravitated toward love stories and happily-ever-after’s, forever chasing the first love dragon. There’s nothing like the witty banter between characters, fueling their physical attraction, and the anticipation of their first kiss. Add in the push and pull from the couple’s sexual tension and the world trying to tear them apart, and you have a recipe for an exciting, steamy romance. Place the couple in interesting locations, living adventures most only dream of and the journey propels you forward through the pages. Sprinkle in danger for both the hero and heroine to combat and the courage and strength of the characters shine through.
Because I’m not a writer by training, I worked with writing critique groups to fine tune my manuscript before the planned release date of summer, 2014. As a fluke, not expecting any response, I submitted my completed manuscript to a publishing house, and a week later I was offered a contract.
Enjoy my debut novel in The Thin Blue Thread Series, Walk with Me
Available at http://www.Siren-Bookstrand.com. Soon to all e-retailers.


One thought on “WALK WITH ME (The Thin Blue Thread Series) by Kaitlyn Stone #Review

  1. I’m stopping by all blogs who hosted me during my Release Day Blog Tour of WALK WITH ME by Kaitlyn Stone to personally THANK YOU for taking the time to review my book. And I’m glad I did, because I’m discovering some awesome blogs – like yours for example.

    Thank for reviewing my book. I know how time consuming this can be, and I appreciate the time you took for mine.BTW, you can sign up for my website, http://www.kaitlynstone.com, to be alerted of news for my books. I will be looking for Beta readers and reviewers for Book 2 in The Thin Blue Thread series, TURN TO ME.

    Thanks again,
    Kaitlyn Stone

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