Vanquish by S.J. McGran @SJMcGran #Review #debut

I feel blessed to have found another fabulously written debut novel. This was just freakin great! I loved the characters so much but the writing was better. There were a few great treats like Zhoe and Jared the main characters. Zhoe is a grounded, smart and loving girl who goes to school and volunteers. What more could you want from a well off girl? OH the fact that she is well off but doesnt act like it. She drinks dark beer and eats famous “Lonestar burgers” I found her easy and relate able.
As for her best friend Angelica, she is the same way. They are great best friends and have a really good friendship. Right about the 30% mark I loved how the author paired these girls. They are not opposites, but share a lot of the fundamentals that balance a great friendship. There is A LOT of steam here. Very good and very well placed steam. I liked it and it was just the right amount, the right degree, and at the right times. 

As for the men, well I loved Jared. His name alone makes we swoon. Jared is a construction worker and has a secret. The secret is BAD, YUP its BAD. The suspense waiting is about to reach maximum when the author dropped the bomb. Yes it was great.

Rico is Richard, so I loved the nic name there too. He is Jared’s best friend and they share a common bond, cant say what binds them but it is a great plot device. 

Quotes I loved:

I know I don’t love her yet, but there is no doubt that I could love this girl. I could fall head over heels for her. I could love her with every ounce of my shattered soul if I’m not careful 


“I let my girl sleep somewhere other than my arms last night.”

S.J. McGran is a new author with a penchant for writing, reading and reviewing romance novels. 

She lives in Toledo, Ohio with her husband, cat and lots of siblings. She is a die hard Detroit Tigers fan, and has a love for ice cream and pizza. Vanquish is the debut novel by S.J. McGran and is now available.

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