The Charm Necklace by Lauren Rosolino @laurenrosolino #Review

A very solid debut. There is a lot of character in the plot, the sadness did seem to dominate the beginning. So glad that Skylar was the star and narrator. She was with Michael for 6 years and they were to be married in June. Michael was a good guy. Rob and Sue, Michael’s parents, made a decision that caused me a lot of angst. I really liked how Sophie, who was Michael’s sister was close with Skylar. The relationships and family were pretty strong, which made you really want to take the pain away. It was a trying time and the author took me through the grief she felt. Her job as an admin in the police department was sort of cool too. I liked how her relationships there changed becuase of her grief. Overall a really good read.

For the not so good, in my opinion, the cover. I am not one to point things out but …there is a but I have seen so many authors make this mistake and then re-work a cover. To me it doesnt scream emotional romance. While the girl on the cover is ok, she doesnt seem even old enough to be Skylar. Like a lot of other bloggers will say that yes people do judge a book by a cover and this is a failing grade. People will find it hard to get past the cover to the really hearty and emotional book that this is.

4  star blog  book

Author of The Charm Necklace and writer of stories about finding beauty in brokenness.

I have this tragic/fatal flaw where I have to believe that something good and beautiful comes out of the dark places we go through in our lives.

I graduated from Wayne State University with my BA in Psychology and I live in Rochester, MI with my techie husband and our dog, cat, and bunny. I grew up in the suburbs of Detroit reading Harry Potter, watching Gilmore Girls, listening (and dancing) to a lot of music, and wondering why people do the things they do.

At the very basic, I am a writer. Wife. Coffee drinker. Adventurer. Lover of words and books, the woods, and walks.

The Charm Necklace is my first novel (hopefully of many more!)

To find out more email me at


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