Georgia Girl (A Southern Series Book 2) by Angela March @AngelaMarch3 #Review

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Virginia Costello’s story continues. Well the first chapter had me. Virginia is trying to acclimate to being home. She arrives home a little drunk and happy in the rain. There is someone on her porch in the shadows, OMG Im scared. She is not on her game cause of the rain and the Jack Daniels, wait no her new drink is Mandarin Absolute with Sprite!absolut mandarin

Now the shadow guess who??



guess again…who????

Boone  YES he is tired from driving almost 12 hours to get to her. He didnt know her exact address so he used him memories of the places she talked about and loved to figure it out.

HOLY F wrap him up in a large aqua box with a ribbon and the silver Tiffany letters on it and send his ass to me!

BIG things happen here. When I say big I mean BIG, Jasper is with Ian next door. The perfect couple, right, YES. You know what I love about Jasper? Everything! He is closed mouthed. When Virginia is struggling with Liezel and still wondering what bee got into her bonnet, Jasper doesnt say a word. Jasper lets her figure it out for herself,. I loved how the author does that. While normally I would get mad, here I was happy. He didnt burst her bubble with the gossip and lies, he let her figure it out so he is coming clean too.

The Eli saga continues. The Liezel saga continues and we get the answers. In order of the most surprising reveal my list is as follows:




The Jasper & Ian truth

Agatha and Harry

and lastly Eli, the person I want to drop off the face of Antarctica into an iceberg and get eaten by a penguin…ELI chomp chomp



Angela March has accomplished another “Life Goal” of writing a book series. Angela has always loved any and everything creative. She has taken all the aspects of the stories she likes to read, compiling them into her writing style. Add her own personal life experiences along with a dash of humor. Her *A Southern Series* (3 book series) were written loosely based off her life experiences thus far. Angela’s life motto is… You have one shot at life.. When my time is up I want to slide into home saying what a ride… what a wild ride.

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