Victory RUN 2 (The Story of Victory Payne) by Devon Hartford @DevonHartford #Review

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Holy …I love Victory! I want her to make Kellan happy but Julian just intrigues me so much. It not romance it’s a rocker`s book LOL Well well I learned a lot in this book. DONT call he VIC for the love of all that is holy her name is Victory! This moves on with Victory and Kellan. There is a lot to love about this character’s perseverance. When I say anything that can happen to her in a bad way does, I mean it. I was so happy for her and then bam another major twist. It was almost painful to read it at times. 

Another love of the book was how serious Kellan and Victory were about their art forms. They both simply live to share their music. It was such an accomplishment to be asked to perform at a huge event and I was stressed just reading it. When the contest comes up and maybe Victory and/or Kellan can win a major cash prize I was so screaming win win win.

Yes I have another love of this series. When bad things happen, and they do, the author lightens things up with talks of tantric sex. When Victory goes to stay with her bosses and goes through their nightly routine I can almost pee my pants laughing at their dialogue. BRAVO  


Lastly for my loves was the character of Julian. Here is a record label and marketing executive that Im thinking way too much about. When I love to hate a person I think the writer is behind an awesome plot. This was no exception. Julian had me going big time. Im actually stilll left guessing if I love, like or hate him.

Let’s just say this was a fab book. For me and all the ladies out there ROCK on and write more Devon we love u 


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A lot of people ask me, “Why is a guy writing romance novels for women?” The answer is simple. Everyone falls in love. Even men. Imagine that. 😉 But it goes deeper than that. I write romance to explore and understand my own emotions. No matter what most guys say on the subject, emotions are a part of the human experience for women AND men. Guys who deny their emotions, especially the difficult ones like sadness, grief, loss, and hurt, are missing out on a big part of life. Everyone has emotional scars. It’s impossible to make it from cradle to grave without getting banged up along the way. For all that pain, we can also heal ourselves. My stories feature characters who are on a quest to heal their pain, and in the process, find love. We all know that a loving relationship can be a conduit for both partners to heal together. When that happens, it’s truly a beautiful thing. It’s my hope that my readers can gain some perspective regarding their own emotional wounds, and perhaps heal in some small way by going through the emotional journey I went through while writing my stories.


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