Turn Towards The Sun (Sunflower Trilogy book 1) by Jennifer Domenico @jendomenico #Review @GCReading


This book is the first in a trilogy. It contains adult language and content. Ava Bradshaw is on a plane going to Arizona. She is leaving her old Colorado life behind to pursue a new beginning. On the plane she encounters someone sort of snarky, Enzo. She has no idea who he is, but it turns out he is the George Clooney of Arizona and the architectural world. Being Ava is stuck in first class sitting next to this handsome man, torture right? My heart was bleeding for her

When she was upgraded to first class she thought maybe things were on the way up but no! Things go wrong. Her apartment is rented but she has no belongings. The movers will be delayed 3 days. Tjings happen when Ava is invited to stay at Girasole with Enzo. It turns out he is the owner. She is aloof to his charms and reminds herself that she made a personal promise NO sex for one year.

The author creates a wonderful romance between these two people. There is a lot of angst here and so much steam. I am in love with this author’s style and penchant for creating a family with the Milano’s. one of many children, Enzo is surrounded by brothers and sisters who all have successful careers in many different creative ways. My fave was Franchesca aka Checca. She is the designer of Girasole and she is perfect. I really want more of the family.


What she didn’t plan on was meeting the intense Italian family, his giving heart, or falling in love. Enzo Milano a dream man, no?



Jennifer Domenico

Jennifer Domenico started writing as a five-year old child in the back of her mother’s bible in church. It was a way to keep the fidgety child quiet but even then she took simple stories and twisted them into even more imaginative tales. As she grew, the stories grew with her and she filled notebook after notebook with her musings. As an adult, she knew she wanted to be a writer but she lacked the attention span and inspiration required to produce a full length story. Eventually she put away her notebooks and turned her attention to the business world where she toiled away for many years. She stopped reading fiction, stopped entertaining her outlandish imagination, and stopped dreaming of being a writer. Until one day, many months ago she went to sleep and a beautiful love story played out in her dreams. When she awoke she felt compelled to write it down. And she wrote and she wrote, for days and days she wrote. The result is part one of Enzo and Ava’s story. Turn Towards the Sun is her first, but certainly not her last, novel. Ms. Domenico lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her very Italian husband, a dog that adores her, two cats that tolerate her, and wicked sweet tooth. She is currently working on part two in the series.


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