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Totally loved this debut. If you look at the cover, to be honest it is misleading, this is a gritty novel. There are some circumstances Liliana faced that were explosive! After 7 years nothing for her has changed. She has a family owned coffee shop in So-Cal. She lives a quiet and very modest life in her Grandma’s house. I loved the Balboa Island references. It is very close to my heart and everyone knows I love the beach!

As for the plot; hold onto your seat. It is a very well thought out book. All of the characters play a significant role. When someone is stalking, you won’t guess who it is. I particularly fell in the love with Maxwell and Lil together. After they are together the group known as “The Blues” (for their gray haired color) who are the “root” of the Balboa Island population. Now for the record the places, scenery and descriptions are very accurate and you will fall in love with Southern California like I did.


The author worked the character of Lil’s suspicious nature into the plotso it was basically seamless. No errors or inconsistencies. She wrote a very strong and business minded girl for Lil and a handsome friend from the past for Max.

As for the love story is HOT! I am talking a chili pepper hot. After an attack, Lilianna could never really date. In many ways the author wrote a very blah existence for her until Max. Well my oh my several big scenes are just the right amount. Marshal is juicy with a capital J!

Please read this one and visit a small island in Southern California!9f5fd-5halfstarblogbook


REcovered contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language. This material is intended for adults only!



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CJ Hartland is a Los Angeles based, part-time author. She finds the time to write when her, pride & joy, baby boy and, love of her life, husband go to bed. Growing up, CJ spent much of her time at her grandmother’s home in Balboa Island, the setting for her new series, The Lilianna Marshal Story; first installment, REcovered, available now on Amazon. CJ loves hearing from readers and can be contacted at

The second book in the Lilianna Marshal Story, REkindled is coming soon!


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