Ryder (Scorpio Stinger MC, #0.5) by Jani Kay #review


No MC ” lingo” and sadly I think it’s another author trying to capitalize and jump into the MC genre. It is a new and popular genre for most but it has been there for a long time. I wasn’t a fan of this. There was one part that got to ME. I’m not easily offended by ANYTHING so an 12 year old in juvi forced to give oral to a fellow juvi is NOT necessary. I am sad at the shock value in that. For a reader of dark and MC books I cant recommend.


“Time for a beer boys, let’s go to the clubroom. Ox get all the hangers-on out of there. Only patched brothers”
Just an example.


As far as consistencies go it misses the mark too. The main character obviously Ryder is a rough guy so the four letter words fly. I can take the language and actually enjoy the alpha male, but when Jade, little miss Beverly Hills, rich kid, I am a lawyer and graduated top of my class starts using the four letter words, the crude ones too, I was like wooooow stop it right there. The next page she is saying ” Surely you are wrong” well maybe I am cause you were using the dirty c word last page. Did honey Jade forget her lithium?


If you like Motorcycle Clubs aka MC books try Madeline Sheehan, Chelsea Camaron, Emily Minton or Crystal Spears. All give a unique look at this culture and some are dark but I assure you a 12 year old’s oral copulation is not involved.
Lastly the MC lifestyle is not flaunted and they tend to be very secretive, so I find it hard to believe the tough Ryder falls for Jade and wants to make her his. Has Jade ever been to a compound? Does she know about them? Does she get they are family and come first? Bar fly chicks? Old ladies? No?? No so it was far fetched. OH heck now I am babbling.


I am not known for posting bad reviews but this is an exception for me.  

2 star

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