Undeniably His (A Billionaire Love Story) by Amanda Chayse #Review @AutAmandaChayse



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I loved it from beginning to end. The story was filled with steam so beware you will need a pot holder for those ever so hot pages! Beneath the steam lies a reveal that haunted me. A ton of corporate dealings lead a marketing genius, Mr Davis to seek an assistant and confidant, which he finds in Annabelle. She is literally a step away from an overdrawn checking account when she interviews for a job. Annabelle is a character that I adored. She has so much to offer and just graduating in this economy leaves her stalled. It is a really current issue that lends to the real reasons why I loved her.e9cf6-recommended2bhighly2bgreen

This book can draw you in using real issues that make you so much more involved.  When Annabelle interviews for an advertising and marketing job with Kalin the author creates a real life agency with real life drama. I appreciated the fact that the author doesnt hand things to you, but creates a real page turning plot.

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The story was just great! I’m singing praises for Amanda Chayse. Let Mr Davis keep you warm on a chilly winter night.  There are times where you will have trust issues with all of the characters. A must read if you love romance and suspense.b5fb9-52bstar2bblog2b2bbook


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Amanda Chayse is a Romance and New Adult author who has enjoyed writing since she was just a child daydreaming in school.

As she grew up, she focused on passionate stories of strong men and women, oftentimes facing impossible odds, and in relationships that made them even better together.

Don’t miss a single release of her latest books. Sign up for the latest updates and releases at http://www.amandachayse.com.

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