Siri’s Heart by Jessika Klide @JessikaKlide @Tantalizingblog

Siri Wright, 24, lives a life most people only dream of, or does she?  On the surface, she is a successful Vegas exotic dancer and erotic entertainer surrounded by sex, but underneath the glittering lifestyle, she protects a secret so big she is forced to live isolated and alone.  
Returning to Alabama for a family emergency, she meets a gorgeous, helicopter pilot, Moore, who makes her body come alive with passion. Mindful not to be labeled a whore, she flirts, teasing him, and he plays along, watching and waiting, biding his time. Until the night of the cocktail party, when everything changes. The cock and tail sex party, that is, when lies are told and revelations are made.


Theirs is a whirlwind, twisting, turning journey filled with romance and hot sex amid self discovery.  Where secrets are whispered, and confessions are made.  Where truth and honesty are valued above all else.  Where pure, honest love lives.






My pen name is Jessika Klide. I’m from LA … Lower Alabama. The deep South! Since I write erotic romance, and my mind is super slutty, it’s just better to use a pen name. Trust me on this!
The stories I write are about true love, with lots of kinky erotica sprinkled throughout and more than one happy ending.
Like most writers, I’m an avid reader. When I read a book, I want to be immersed in the world, invested in the characters, feel what they feel and hear them talking. I write the same way, wanting my readers to experience my story this way. When the book(s) is finished, I want you, my reader, to feel that you have escaped into another reality and to say, “That was incredible read.” I want fans for life.


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