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best of the yearSometimes love has nothing to do with luck, and everything to do with karma…

Marcy Paget worked full-time putting her husband through University. When he finally became a success, he dumped her for a trophy wife more than ten years younger, leaving Marcy to raise their four year old daughter on her own.

Even though Marcy knows she is better off alone than with a cheating husband who doesn’t love her, she is still struggling to make ends meet.

When an ethical dilemma presents itself she makes a choice – never realizing the incredible karmic chain of events that will follow her decision. . .



I just have to share my favorite quotes!


“I love the passions. They create such sensation! Anger, grief, fear, love, hate, excitement. The fierce emotions make one feel. Such are a gift, so one knows one is alive. To live without passion is to have no life at all.”Read more at location 826

“Should I be insulted that I’m so boring that you just went straight to sleep the moment you and I were alone?” His lips curled in a teasing smirk. “Or should I be flattered that you are comfortable enough to sleep with me?”Read more at location 1217

This is where I was screaming be comfortable! She wont admit she wants you!

“There are so many questions I’ve wanted to ask you. I wanted to see the rest of the video, too. How did it end? Did Jennifer discover her sexuality? Did Charles find out how to please his wife? Maybe his wife needed to know how to please him? I feel like I got half way through a really good book, and then someone took my book away. Would you mind if I saw the rest of it, André? I want to know what happened.”Read more at location 2409

“Because, ma belle,” he said. “I arranged to have that video come on, the moment that you came into the room.”Read more at location 2423

 “Your dad has you as his daughter – yet he doesn’t,” he began. “I think life is sometimes about what you earn or what you’re worthy of, not what you have. It’s called karma. Good or bad, everyone eventually gets what they deserve. Your dad doesn’t seem to want you.”Read more at location 3930

It would be fun to watch the results. Light the match, and throw it in the ring. See what, if anything exploded.Read more at location 5743



My Andre

hottie olivier


My Mike

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and last is my Marcy




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