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This book did it for me on every level. If you like a really deep read with great characters and all of this revolving around a BDSM fetish, grab it now!  Basically without giving away much of the plot I will tell you about Emily and her brilliant plan. Emily has always had a crush on her best friend. What goes on for many years is that Emily’s parents and Paul’s paretns are best friends. Paul’s Dad owns a supermarket in their town, he is loaded, cheap, and nasty. So Emily makes a plan to just sleep with Paul once, as if!, then sorta get it out of her system. She is so clever! What she misses here is that once with him wont be enough. I knew it from the beginning myself! I was thinking Emily, doll face, seriously it isnt gonna cut it. I was so scared she was either going to crack, slip up or out and out get caught.  When she has so much invested in him, her plan goes off. It isnt a spoiler here so I will say it was steaming off the pages. Paul (this is where the scorching occurs) is into dominating his girls.

i love dominating

The next thing I adored about the book was Andre, the French dom. He was absolutely marvelous! I thought his character was going to go a different way, but it didnt. When he meets Emily, he does more than teach her the ropes! LOL that was funny ha? ropes? LOL

fated emily and paul

Anways, this was the education part of the story. In a very unprecedented way, the author shows the fundamentals of a dom and sub relationship. So if you need an educational book, this is for you! For BDSM books, well I say…

best of the year

The story of a family in turmoil is here as a sub plot. It is a fascinating look at a seemingly average American household. The true colors of Emily and Paul’s parents are revealed. Part of it was earth shattering for me. A super plot twist that I didnt see coming.

There you have it an educating, romantic, funny, and meaningful book. This being my first Nikki Sex book and now I plan to read them all!


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