Power Player: Anti-Hero Game (Power Chain Book 2) by Chelsea Camaron and Ryan Michele @ChelseaCamaron @Ryan_Michele #Review


Four boys.
One game that changed everything.
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
None of these boys were weak. Go back to where it all began.
Welcome to the Power Chain, the underworld built on an unbreakable bond.


Holy SHIT people!

Book 2 was just as good as book 1. This novel however, did have some added angst, some more drama, and the dynamic foursome. The plot was really good! Not getting into the background unless the character has his own book is genius. You get the point that these 4 men have great loyalty to one another even if they don’t approve of their profession or their role in the foursome. VERY interesting.


You will get a little more involved in why Pax loves Dane but also why they hate each other. No spoilers but when a friend is heated I need to ask = How much do you need to love your friend to let him punch the shit outta you? That is loyalty! Loyalty is what you expect from friends who know the real you. Paxton and Onyx show real loyalty, the meaning of friendship and family.

They will hurt you with the truth all the time. Nobody realizes this more than Laurel! The Riley character had me so up in angst. He was a complete screw up, but she stood beside him even when he did the dumbest thing anyone could do. I want to spill what the dumb thing was but….it was GOOD and it is too good to spoil. You just have to read this and let your jaw drop! The authors did a great job at creating Riley in a way that made you love him. I was thinking he is the dumbest but you have to love way he has faith, yes faith that is so innocent in a refreshing way.

Being this is Paxton’s book you do get more of the growing up background for Pax and some of Dane. The past is what created him, so it is deep. Another really good novel in the Power Chain series. The next one is due out August 7 and it is Dane up at bat. That is going to be huge for me. what I like about Dane is that he is a silent fixer.

This is the Power Chain Series – a four book series of interconnected stand-alone romances.
Series reading order:
Power House 

Book 3 coming August 7th and I can not wait Did I say that a million times before? yeah but it is worth repeating.


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