I am Grey by Jane Washington @TheAuthorPerson #Review

The fault is in the cover! It just doesnt fit the book. I mean I see the lighthouse and the character of Grey, aka Mika Grey, but it just doesn’t depict troubled kids that need a psych consult. Dr Fell hhhmmm out of character to find him in the trailer park too. You have to be there I guess. Anyways, the plot for me, was pretty good. The author really does do dark well. I felt the pain in some of the characters. I enjoyed Jean, her story, her truth should have been bigger. The Duke, Smith, Marcus story was really good. They were solid characters, written good but, could have been great.

For me there were parts of the past and present that made me ignore some dumb choices. Many times when a character is written good, you speak bad words out loud, so YES I did yell at Mika a few times.

The the past was unraveling (really slow too) so I saw what made her the way she was today. The story of Nic, Dr. Fell was not a guarded secret among her friends either.


Overall a really solid read, but it is dark. There are drugs, forced sex and troubled youth involved. So you have been warned.



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When I read there is a hi-light and quote field on Kindle. I always hi-light and I take the time when I see something outstanding. So HERE are some of my favorite quotes:


“I had a bad friendship credit rating, and none of these people were going to invest in me. I wasn’t sure what that reduced friendship to, but I feared that it wasn’t much.”
“I’m going to push your limits, break you down, make you cry, and in the end … I’ll save you.” 
“Don’t get confused,” Nicholai repeated, backing away and returning to his seat behind the desk. “Don’t assume that you know me. It’s my place to know everything about you, but it doesn’t need to go both ways.”
“Who are you?” I whispered. “You don’t want to know.”
“Tell me anything.”
“Who I am isn’t important, but I will tell you what I am, because that has everything”
I was terrified. Not of the depths he was obviously willing to go to in his mission to save me, but of the concept of being saved. I wasn’t ready. I probably never would be.
“You’re nobody to me,” I said, staring directly into his eyes, relaying the message that needed to be relayed. Tossing all of his beautiful words straight back into his beautiful face. “You’re just a passing train, tumbleweed in the breeze, a face in a sea of faces. I have no future, and nothing you do is going to change that fact. I’ll destroy whatever I want to destroy, burn whatever I want to burn, jump off whatever I feel like jumping off of”
It hurt. It reminded me of things I didn’t want to think about it, and then I didn’t want to do it anymore.”
NOW my lovelies this was deep
I wasn’t just crying. I was shedding fragments, too broken to feel the emotion attached to each piece as it broke away from me.
Was it possible to be entirely what one person expected of me, and yet entirely what another person expected of me, when those expectations were in direct opposition to one another?
People didn’t have a choice, they listened when he spoke, gave when he asked.



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