Wreck You (The Wrecked Series Book 1) by Abby McCarthy

Well I am sadly disappointed. I think if you are a new MC reader, then maybe give it a try.

IF you have read author as like Chelsea Camaron, Madeline Sheehan, Kristen Ashley, then you don’t need to know what a prospect is. If I would say, complete picking out things, that a bar fly is a bar fly not a bar slut. Even I (who loves a love story) cant get into the instant love thing between Maura and Corbin. You don’t think “Can I be in love ?” 48 hours after you meet the guy. It wont be much of a spoiler but she was 20, drinking in bars and a virgin. Last thing is there is NO MC club that would let a girl (a member’s daughter) leave with a civilian if they didn’t vet him. The Marine, Corbin, kills men without batting a eyelash after knowing Maura for a day. That is not a Marine!

There was an editing issue too. Authors really need some betas who care. if a character’s name is Dawson why do people call him Daws, sounded ridiculous when I was reading.

I gave up halfway in. I really didn’t care what happened.

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