Chronicles of Jongleur, The Storyteller by Sandra Gallimore @sandragallimor1 #review


I think just to start, judge the cover. What a disaster. I dont know why you would publish such rubbish to begin with, but she did. She has the weakest synopsis ever! She describes it an a historically based epic WOW? wth 

Saga of four generations of a family in the 13th century, with a historic basis. A family with a deadly secret in a dangerous time in the world .

Historically based epic of the Magdalene bloodline, a family of healers. The question is will they survive? This book rates 5 stars on Amazon. Wow she wrote that in the description. So let us examine these testaments of greatness shall we??

Suzanne Olsson, Author

July 10, 2014

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
There was a time or two back in Kashmir when I stood at the entrance to Roza Bal tomb and thought “What if…” an entire bloodline had survived and remained hidden and obscured for centuries. I thought these things but never found the words to write them down. Sandra wrote this theme- but in an extraordinary way…What Sandra Gallimore has achieved is a masterpiece of creative writing. It is not only that she told such a story, but she did so with incredible skill, compassion, and true writing genius. This is the book you want to take to the beach- or curl up by the fireside to read…Kudos, Sandra…this is a well written creation reflecting your wonderful skills and talent. I highly recommend this book to all.

I then think YES lay on the beach and read a bible book of rape, killing your Grannies and so on

Patty Williams

July 24, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
This is a story set in the 1200s. Lots of history of the Catholic Church, it’s Love of power and it’s failings to Christ. I’m a Catholic woman and am working through so many misgivings of my faith. BUT this book is a wonderful story of Mary Magdeline’s descendants and how they have tried to keep her true story and loving heart and discipleship alive through the generations despite the jealousy of the male church leaders. From Magdeline down the line, the First daughter has inherited not only MM’s looks but also a special ability in herb healing, visions or life changing and saving touches. Jongleur is born of a rape by a man who raped and killed his grandmother, killed his grandfather and years later raped his mother, impregnated her and left her beaten and barely alive. A riveting tale of the inquisition, strong women, love, sacrifice and revenge. You will feel all those emotions reading this. I didn’t want the story to end and I think that is the highest compliment any reader can give an author.


Now let us dissect the Amazon description:

When does legend end and historical fact begin? I never did hear of this legend but OK

Meet one special family before you decide. Let this this epic saga of 13th century in Europe and Britain give you food for thought. Describe your book as being EPIC That sure is a stretch dont you think? Just in case check out Britain’s 13th

It was a time of the continuing Inquisition and murder. A time of fear. A time of religious terror, just as in the world today. That is profound right? Is there religious terror now? Islam? No clue it doesn’t explain any of it, while we note the many typos and blubbering language made to make you feel uneducated at the author superior.


It is called genocide in this century but the people of that time called it extermination for the people who refuse tot convert to the one universal Church . Let this serve as a brief example just in the description from AMAZON

One family, among the many sects hunted , had been sought for many more centuries history tells us. The Inquisition was historical fact. It is up to the reader to determine when fact became fiction-if, indeed, it ever did.


OK that is pretty much my summation.



  1. an itinerant minstrel.
  1. 1.
    traveling from place to place.

SOME things need a dictionary so I just thought it would be nice if I supplied the definitions here. 




My friends YES this picture says at minimum, a thousand words! I can not post a bio because she didn’t ever create one on Amazon or Goodreads. Sorry I know you are all wanting more.

So I dug deep and got this:

Editorial Reviews

About the Author

Sandra Gallimore has written for many years in her employments, and as a hobby . She is retired and has taken advantage of this time to read, travel with family, and has developed many interests and hobbies. Some of these interests are history, genealogy, world religions, natural herbs and healing remedies. From these interests comes her first full length historical fiction novel, Chronicles of Jongleur, The Storyteller which she hopes will interest and inspire her readers.
I guess she really is a novice that should have hired someone to help her out. You want to buy this for $9.99 go right ahead

3 thoughts on “Chronicles of Jongleur, The Storyteller by Sandra Gallimore @sandragallimor1 #review

  1. Bloggers, Please Read This!! As I really can’t believe this. You sabotage my book, which has a sequel , and I see this nastiness that one writer should never do to another writer-and then I find out you critique, for your readers, a book you have not read! You critique the 5 star reviews only. And then I find out your are not even a writer? You have never done the hard work of writing, editing, promoting one book-even an Indie one? I hope your followers really think about this, about what you so freely did just because I disagreed with your tearing down of Professor Ford of Kavanaugh investigation fame. I also hope they read this book you trashed. I often put my books on sale for .99. I am an avid reader too and know how much it costs to keep oneself in books. I could not do it without my Kindle. I know I could not trust you to read my books and give a fair review on them but I do ask your readers to do just that if they want the challenge of reading something without your OK. I guarantee they have read nothing like it before-and I certainly mean in a good way. As for you, I know that Karma will take care of your literary sins. What goes around-comes around. I will check to see if this comment has been left, and if not I will seek further action toward your vindictive account of my work . I have been to France twice to research history and legend for my books. By the way, the French way of saying jongler, which can be a musician or a storyteller, is Jongleur,especially when it has been used as a first name. Sandra Gallimore.

  2. While I do appreciate a comment on any review, as long as it is not about erectile dysfunction, which they usually are. This person is clearly not an “author” and is SO personal towards me and THINKS that you must be a “writer” to blog a review. I disagree and think what she means is I have no author material, published work, or any intelligence. I assure her that I have a Bachelor Degree. Most notably I think blog followers do NOT need me to tell them that it is OK to read something. The blogging world doesn’t work like that.

    I always welcome opinion and I YES I do look forward to whatever further action you seek. Bring it on.

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