Twister’s Survival (Devil’s Riot MC #3) by E.C. Land


Twister’s Survival (Devil’s Riot MC #3) by E.C. Land
Cover design by: Charli Childs, Cosmic Letterz Design


For as long as I can remember, I’ve only felt one thing – pain. It consumes every part of me and I just want it to end. Enough has happened over the years and I’m ready to make it all stop.

The night I lay out my plan and am fully prepared to end my life – he stops me. His act is simple, offering me his hand but in that, he gave me so much hope.

While Twister may have won the battle, he didn’t win the war. My demons are a constant nuisance and I’m left wondering, will I survive and finally find peace? Or did I make the biggest mistake in my life accepting his help?

Horse’s Bride  (Devil’s Riot MC #1)

Book 1 Goodreads   Amazon

Thorn’s Revenge (Devil’s Riot MC Book 2) Kindle   Amazon
Twister’s Survival (Devil’s Riot MC Book 3)  Amazon   

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