Where the Little Birds Go by B Celeste

First off this book’s description was seemingly perfect for me, until I read it. I struggled through the first half and twice considered it a DNF because I could care less about these people. About 3/4 way in I still did not care for Kenley or Corbin. The character that I liked was Olivia who played Beck in the film they were working on. She had a few zingers for sure. She was honest and had a sense of humor. Beyond that nothing. When I read a book in a day or two, that is when I know it is great. This lacked depth of the main characters. It took me a week to read and I put it down after a few short reading sessions. The past/present chapters are a pet peeve of mine. This book has NO reason for this method, in my opinion.

The plus and reason for 2 stars is that Corbin and Kinley grew up and knew early on what their career choice was. For the determination, work ethic and failing, I was glad the author chose that. Although rare sometimes people know at 14 what they want to do with their life. This was a semi pleasant aspect of the characters.

The last chapter was probably the best and worst. Major cliffhanger. Overall I would have to say it is a toss up. I can think of others things to do with $4.99

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