Raycon E55 Wireless Ear Buds @RayJ #review

This is the beginning of my product reviews. For the last few months I have been in search of an ear bud that lasts longer that Apple Air Pods Pro. I saw that this was boasting a 6 hour battery life and 36 hours for the case. I had Corona virus and couldn’t sleep well once I got home from the hospital. I started using an app with ocean sounds and music to sleep. So…

These are the plus factors for Raycon E55

They are SO comfy to wear. They fit well, stay put in my ear, and I can sleep with them on. The color I ordered was the newest addition = Rose Gold. The case is nice and has a clasp string. The buds store easily and charged up good too.

Now for the Bluetooth– it has a decent distance. I leave my phone on the counter and even take out garbage and never have an issue. In the product description they say it goes up to 35 feet and I think that is accurate. I don’t see a need to be more than 35 feet away from the source. The sound is great. Personally I don’t look for added bass or anything fancy as far as sound goes but I will say these sound great! I had NO issues pairing. Initially it took maybe 20 seconds to pair with my Apple I phone X

Buy on Amazon here

Now the downfall.

Buy on Amazon here

I got these just 3 months ago and they are stuttering. Intermittently they just stop playing music. So I was not so thrilled for a day or two. I really need to go to sleep with my “calm” app. Good news is even almost 4 months later they will take them back and replace them with a new pair. Now that is the kind of service that anyone shopping for a product should look for. It is that reason why I will recommend them.

They do NOT have an app. Why in this day and age do you not have an app? Its bothersome when you can not tell how much charge they have and how much longer it will take until fully charged.

Buy on Amazon here They retail for $169

For returns from outside the US, please reach out to the email below

For warranty inquiries and claims or if you need help with a return contact us at support@rayconglobal.com

Buy directly on Raycon here

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