Sweet Brutality by Zoe Blake @zoeblakebooks @GiveMeBooksPR

Title: Sweet Brutality
Series: Ruthless Obsession #4
Author: Zoe Blake
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: March 18, 2022


The more she fights me, the more I want her.
It’s that beautiful, sassy mouth of hers.
It makes me want to push her to her knees and dominate her, like the brutal savage I am.
As a Russian Arms dealer, I should not be ruthlessly pursuing an innocent college student like her, but that will not stop me.
A twist of fate may have brought us together, but it is my twisted obsession that will hold her captive as my own treasured possession.
She is mine now.
I dare you to try and take her from me.



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I dropped her onto the center of the bed and climbed up after her. Her wet skin glistened in the faint light. Wrapping my hands around her thighs, I pulled her closer. “You look good enough to eat.”
She was out of breath when she protested. “I just came. I’m too sensitive.”
I placed her knees on my shoulders and grasped her ass. “We’ll see about that. I want to hear you scream my name this time.”
I flicked my tongue along her seam, then pushed it in deeper. The tip circled around her swollen clit. “Damn, you taste good, baby.”
Carinna groaned as she fisted the bedcover.
I swished my tongue from side to side, playing with her clit as my hands squeezed her ass, knowing she’d still be sore from the spanking I’d given her earlier. The first of many.
“Play with your tits,” I growled against her pussy.
Carinna obeyed, placing her palms over both breasts as I teased and tortured her clit. It wasn’t long before she came a second time. “Oh, God! Oh God!”
The moment she did, I flipped her onto her stomach and wrenched her up onto her knees. Raising my arm, I brought my open palm down on her ass cheek so hard she pitched forward. “I thought I told you I wanted to hear you scream my name when you came.”
I wrenched her back onto her knees and spanked her ass again.
“I’m sorry!” she squealed. “I’m sorry!”
I grasped her hair and pulled it hard. “Not good enough.”
With my fist in her hair, I spanked her ass several more times until the heat of her skin permeated my palm. Her pale flesh glowed a hot cherry red by the time I was done. I couldn’t wait to feel the heat of it against my balls as I fucked her deep. “Spread your knees.”
When she didn’t obey fast enough, I used my own to open hers wide as I pushed her face into the covers. Grasping my cock, I wet the head at her entrance, using the steel ball of my piercing to once again tease her clit.
Carinna pitched forward a second time. She scrambled a few feet away and gripped the headboard. “Wait. Condom. You need a condom.”
I grabbed her hips and forced her back into position. “Are you clean?”
“Yes, of course. It’s been ages, but I’ve never done it without a condom.”
That’s all I needed to hear. “Fuck a condom.”
Never in my life had I said those words, but there was just something about this woman. A condom implied this was just another fucking. That she was just another pussy. I already knew that wasn’t the case. She was different, and I wouldn’t tolerate anything between us. I needed to feel every glorious inch of her as I thrust in deep.
I eased the head in, careful not to tear her. Once I felt her body close around the tip, I placed my hands on her hips and thrust to the hilt. Carinna cried out as her body absorbed the full impact. “Maxim!”
I growled through my teeth as her tight pussy clenched around my cock.
And that was my last sane moment.
After that, I became a man possessed. I relentlessly pounded into her, as if my very life depended on it. I couldn’t get enough of her hot, wet cunt as I thrust in repeatedly. Looking down between us, I saw my shaft wet with her arousal before it would impale deeply into her body. Her ass bore my handprints as I gripped her hips and anchored her to take each forceful thrust.
Releasing her hip, I fisted her hair and pulled her upright on her knees. With my free hand, I pinched her nipples, hard. “That’s it, dirty girl. Take that cock. Take it deep.”
Carinna moaned.
I moved my hand from her breasts to her pussy. I slapped it hard.
“Ow!” whimpered Carinna.
From this angle, I was thrusting in even deeper. Impaling her upright body straight down on my cock. “Say my name.”
“Maxim,” she said on a weak exhale as her head fell back onto my shoulder.
“Louder,” I yelled.
“Maxim!” she screamed as her pussy clamped down on my cock, the ripples of her third orgasm crashing up my shaft.
Right before I came, I pulled free. Using my grip on her hair, I maneuvered her onto her knees before me. “Open your mouth.”
Her gaze pleaded with me as she kept her lips closed.
I shook her head, fisting her hair tighter. I clamped my free hand around her jaw. “I said, open your mouth, whore.” I pushed my fingers into her cheeks, forcing her mouth open.
I pushed my cock past her lips. “Say my name.”
She obeyed, trying to speak past my thick shaft shoved down her throat.
“Again,” I demanded, loving the vibrations it sent up my cock. I could hear the clatter of my piercing against the back of her teeth.
My name was on her lips when I came, coating her tongue with my seed.
I lifted her upright by her hair till our bodies were flush together in the center of the bed. I pushed a glob of semen, which had drizzled past the corner of her mouth, to her lips. I then forced two fingers into her mouth. “Suck them as you swallow my come.”
She sucked them. Spearing her tongue between my fingers, then swirling it about.
“Suck them clean.”
The moment she finished, I wrapped my hand around her throat and tilted her head back. “You liked that, didn’t you? You enjoyed being treated like my dirty little whore.”
Her eyes filled with tears. “Don’t make me say it.”
My free hand caressed down her back. I pushed my fingers between her ass crack to tease her tight, puckered hole. “Admit it or I’ll prove it to you another way.”
Her eyes widened. “Don’t. I’ve never.”
I chuckled. “Oh trust me, babygirl. Your pert ass is going to have a pretty little gape by the time I’m done ravaging it. It’s your choice whether you want me to turn you over and fuck you raw right this moment.”
She blurted out, “I admit it! All right. I admit it. I like how you… how you… used me.”
“That’s my good girl.” I released her and climbed off the bed. I padded naked into the bathroom and wet a small hand towel under the shower stream that we had left running. Flipping the nozzle off, I returned to the bedroom.
Carinna was standing next to the bed, reaching into a bureau drawer and pulling out a T-shirt.
I frowned. “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Just getting a shirt.”
I motioned toward the bed. “Get your ass back on that bed before I spank it black and blue. Now!” I growled.
With a small yelp, she scrambled to obey.
“Now lie back and spread your legs.”
Her thighs trembled as she struggled to obey me.
I climbed back onto the bed and kneeled between her open thighs. I placed the warm hand towel over what I knew had to be her sore pussy. Once I had wiped the evidence of our lovemaking from her, I returned to the bathroom to toss the towel into the hamper. I pushed aside a pair of yoga pants and lifted up the sleeve of my hoodie. Smiling at the thought of her wanting to keep it. I liked the idea of her cute little body snuggling up in my sweatshirt.
When I returned to the bedroom, it was dark. Her slight form was already curled up under the covers.
I crossed to the bed and lifted the blanket.
Carinna rose on one elbow and looked over her shoulder at me. “What are you doing?”
“I’m going to bed.”
“You mean you’re staying? You’re not leaving? But… but we’re done.”
I wrapped my arm around her waist and pulled her close. Her backside cradled my cock. Nudging her partially dry hair aside, I whispered into her ear, “Oh malen’kaya iskra, I’m not even close to being done with you.”



Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Free in Kindle Unlimited


Releasing May 11



USA TODAY Bestselling Author in Dark Romance

She delights in writing Dark Romance books filled with overly-possessive Billionaires, Taboo scenes and Unexpected twists. She usually spends her ill-gotten gains on martinis, travel and red lipstick. Since she can barely boil water, she’s lucky enough to be married to a sexy Chef.


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